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Easync is a web-based solution that helps ecommerce businesses automate dropshipping activities including product research, listing building, price review, order placement, and more. This solution supports various marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, Best Buy, and Home Depot, among many others. The platform also includes sales analysis reports and a messaging feature that can be used to communicate directly with buyers. To help companies search for and choose products to sell, the program creates lists of “interesting items” and popular products sold on eBay. Easync offers a Chrome extension that can help users quickly create product listings for online stores. The copy and paste functions will automatically load products with data including names, descriptions and images.


Let’s see how simple it is to set up this dropshipping platform with your own store:


  • Find products to sell: search eBay’s best-selling products and create a series of listings called Hot Items. This strategy has shown an increase in sales. Hot Items are released based on eBay performance, so these listings may not appear every day
  • Create Ads: using the Chrome tool you can easily generate clean and fast ads for your shop. Copy and paste the product IDs into the card and the program will automatically load the title, description, images and features of the products into your card. The price will be entered automatically based on your pre-set reporting settings
  • Repricing: the solution will find the lowest price offered so that you have the competitive price for your profits
  • Analysis of your sales: sales statistics will be provided to members such as orders placed per day/week/month and the sales rate (STR). Members can also view their daily/weekly/monthly profit
  • Automatic ordering: once an order has been placed on eBay, the software will automatically order the item from the market of origin with the correct shipping address and will choose the correct shipping so that the buyer receives the product as soon as possible. Screenshots of the order and its tracking will be provided in the order details
  • Messages: the solution also provides templates for replies, as well as the option to create custom ones for quick replies. You can message your eBay buyers directly via the site. A CRM can display all the information you need in one place making it much easier and faster for you to respond to customers and be accurate in your responses.


The Easync tool for dropshipping adjusts product prices based on customizable and user-specified repricing settings. Additionally, companies can access automated ordering and shipment tracking functions via the dashboard.

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