Best-rated ecommerce platforms of 2024

  • Managing an Ecommerce shop is certainly not easy, but it all depends on the software you use.
    In this guide we have listed the best-rated Ecommerce platforms, analyzing their pros and cons, the value for money and the features they offer.

    1 OpenCart

    Opencart is a powerful and easy to use open source online store management program. It can manage multiple eCommerce stores from a single back end. Perfect for small businesses and medium-sized ecommerce stores, it has all the necessary functions to upload and manage products on your virtual store.

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    2 Ecwid

    Ecwid is an ecommerce platform used by many merchants who have added an online store to their website or blog. It is therefore not necessary to create a new website as it will be enough for you to implement this ecommerce directly on the existing one, thus optimizing time and resources.

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    3 Shopify

    Shopify is an ecommerce platform consisting of a wide range of features and tools that allow companies to start and manage stores online or in a traditional way. Used by over 600,000 companies worldwide.

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    4 NopCommerce

    opCommerce is a popular ecommerce software offering users a customizable shopping cart, a catalog front-end and an administration tool for managing and monitoring your online store. Developed as an open source platform, users can customize and modify this solution to meet the needs of their business.

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    5 WebJaguar Ecommerce

    WebJaguar is an eCommerce automation platform. Its scalability allows the program to grow with your business and to support you at every stage, with the ability to meet your needs now and in the future.

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    6 ILance

    ILance is an auction management solution that allows users to create online auction platforms that can support bulk uploads and downloads, shipment management, private messaging and more. The solution can be implemented locally or hosted in the cloud.

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    7 Vendio

    2140/5000 Vendio is a simple and powerful ecommerce platform that you can use to reach customers and sell your products on multiple channels such as eBay, Facebook and Amazon. Created with small businesses in mind, this system allows you to create a cloud-based brand store quickly and easily without programming and web development skills.

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    8 Neto

    Neto represents the only ecommerce platform in Australia, available not only for ecommerce, but also for POS, Inventory and Fulfillment. This allows you to grow your business faster because you can sell on multiple channels by managing your online store in a functional and efficient way.

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    9 Jigoshop

    Jigoshop is an open source ecommerce plugin for WordPress offered by the company Jigo LTD. It allows you to quickly turn your site into a complete online store. It provides many support packages ranging from basic store setup to full site management including SEO updates and assistance.

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    10 Nomad eCommerce

    Nomad eCommerce is a program that combines the functionality of an ERP software and an e-commerce application to create a platform where information flows freely and is shared without interruption. This leads to error reduction and time savings.

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