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Accurate Reviews will tell you about free agile software. These solutions refer to methodologies (mainly Scrum and Kanban) of software progress focused on the idea of interactive development.


Agile Software is a generic term for a set of structures and practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Manifesto, for the management of projects in an optimal way, following its 12 underlying principles. Here is the ranking of free software:


Hygger is a project management tool that allows various teams around the world to use an agile approach while organizing their projects, regardless of whether they are related to software development, product development or campaign management. of marketing. Hygger uses Kanban boards where teams can monitor how they are working on their projects and activities, allowing them to see what they need to do, how long they need to do it and identify problems that prevent them from performing their tasks faster. They can also create roadmaps so they can clearly visualize their goals and the steps, procedures and activities necessary to achieve the goals. The tool consolidates all communications, files and checklists related to projects, assigning tasks in one place.


In this video you will learn how to manage the Product Backlog to collect and evaluate ideas, customer feedback, features or insights on this agile management software:

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TODO.VU is an integrated activity management, CRM, time monitoring and billing software that is aimed at freelance professionals and small teams. It provides users with a single unified suite designed to fuel productivity by bringing together all projects, customers, programs, contact details and more, eliminating the need to use and connect separate systems to get the job done. With, users are able to manage and monitor their work in one place. A quick glance at the dashboard gives users everything they need to know what needs to be done, prioritize and effectively allocate resources and time, as well as designate individuals to their tasks.


A short guided tour of the user interface and sections of this agile project management software. This is a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the system.

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GitLab is a native cloud application development software with solid creation, tracking, testing and distribution tools. It is also accompanied by vigorous security measures starting from granular user authorizations and restrictions on user authentication via Kerberos. With this solution, individuals and teams only need minimal additions to complete their development lifecycle management. This is because the program is fully integrated, thus providing users with everything they need to supervise each stage of development and implementation testing.And since GitLab is based on Git, each user has unlimited and quick access to development history. Plus, a great balanced app creation experience.


Let’s see how to create a project using the power of this management software for Agile projects:

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Jira is a well-known project management solution that helps users map, prioritize and delegate their tasks. Typically used by software teams that build and ship products, the system simplifies the app development process from conceptualization to execution. The solutions undergo continuous updates to ensure support for the latest trends in software development. Allow teams to plan flexibly in ways they find most convenient with support for Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban methodologies. Additionally, your team has access to critical and actionable information about their agile process through visual reports based on system data. In addition, with your own JQL Query Language (JQL) of the platform, you can use custom filters. This allows developers to easily build queries and manipulate data in a short time.


The following tutorial shows how to use this management software for Agile projects for the first time:

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Taiga is a free open source agile project management software for development teams. It has a beautiful and intuitive dashboard that allows collaborators to manage and complete their activities with absolute ease. Created for developers and project managers, the solution supports various methodologies – such as Scrum and Kanban – to satisfy different preferences. Taiga was also designed to be powerful, unlike other similar freeware. You can customize everything in the solution, so you have complete control. Despite its high-class structure, the platform is simple and intuitive enough that you don’t need long training to learn how to use it. If you have numerous projects spread across multiple platforms, don’t worry it can help you recover important project files and data from a variety of sources such as Trello, Jira, Asana and Github through its importers. In this way, you can simplify different workflows.


The video explains how, once registered to this management software for agile projects, you can create a project from scratch and configure some options as you like:

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