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2024 Best-rated fundraising software

  • All non-profit organizations and associations need to better manage their fundraising campaigns, expanding the audience and the number of donors. How to do it? Leaning on a management software that takes care of all this.
    In this guide we have included the best Fundraising Platforms, analyzing their pros and cons, the value for money and the features they offer.


    1 is a web-based solution that helps nonprofits, ministries and churches with benefactor management and donation collection. Key features of the product include recurring donation management, fund personalization, email receipts, and multi-campus setup.

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    2 Auctria

    Auctria is a powerful fundraising platform designed for non-profit organizations and groups of all kinds that organize auctions for fundraising campaigns. It is a simple to use tool that will allow you to save time and effort to create a truly engaging online auction, maximizing your fundraising. It has an intuitive dashboard that offers access to all the details and information you need: auction items, tickets, lottery prizes, donations and much more.

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    3 Bloomerang

    Bloomerang is a fundraising platform built to connect the donor with nonprofits so that they can increase fundraising revenue. It is a cloud-based software that offers all the useful tools to help non-profit associations to obtain greater visibility and consensus. One of the primary objectives is to raise the loyalty rate of donors, thus allowing the campaign to progress.

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    4 Flipcause

    Flipcause is fundraising software that is primarily aimed at smaller non-profit organizations that need to create more effective fundraising campaigns that are able to achieve greater visibility. It is an online platform that offers intuitive and easy-to-use tools.

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    5 Little Green Light

    Little Green Light helps small and medium-sized nonprofits manage fundraising and development efforts by offering a cloud-based member relationship management database, as well as event planning, activity tracking, mail merger and query. The solution allows you to establish workflows, such as entering and retrieving member information, adding donations, registering participation in events and creating mail campaigns.

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    6 Kindful

    Kindful is a cloud-based fundraising and donor management software and database designed for non-profit organizations. Kindful's CRM has an easy-to-use interface and includes detailed donor profiles.

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    7 When I Work

    When I Work is employee scheduling software designed for non-profit organizations that want to automate their work. It is a free program that allows you to monitor times and costs, plan fundraising activities, improve communication with employees and volunteers, ensuring the association's growth.

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    8 Keela

    Keela is a software complete with intelligent and powerful tools that allow you to better manage a fundraiser. It is mainly aimed at non-profit organizations and associations that organize events and campaigns to raise funds. It aims to expand the public, communicating directly with donors and spreading the word through truly efficient communication tools and strengthening relationships not only with donors, but also with volunteers and members of the non-profit association.

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    9 OneCause

    OneCause is a fundraising platform designed for nonprofits to manage all types of fundraising campaigns including: auctions, events, online donations, peer-to-peer, ambassadorial fundraising, online donations, tributes and commemorations days of donations and awareness campaigns.

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    10 GiveSmart

    GiveSmart is a cloud-based event and auction application designed exclusively for charities. Advanced algorithms help the solution streamline event processes, increase revenue and help bidders save money. Various types of organizations can use GiveSmart, including associations, religious groups, primary and secondary schools and non-profit organizations.

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