Google Homepage: games, oddities and all that is not search

If there is something that over the years has arisen to the “it’s in the news” level, is all the jokes and funny little games that Google added to its home page, or its doodles during the years. At times there’s a doodle for some occasion, and it may be a great way to celebrate some important events. But often they are a great diversion for the boredom of the office. Just try not to abuse :)

Google Homepage: The dinosaur race

Our favorite is the sad dinosaur that appears when Chrome has not been able to connect to a site, either because the network is down or the server didn’t respond. What not everybody knows is that if you click on the dinosaur, it will start running; you have to use the spacebar to jump the obstacles along the way. It also works on Chrome Mobile: and in that case, just tap the dinosaur.

Google Homepage: YouTube and Star Wars

If you’re looking for “use the force, Luke” on YouTube, the results page will fluctuate, like shaken by the Jedi. It works only with that exact search key, however: just in English.

Google Homepage: Other goodies for us nerd people

(And we say so with sincere affection for the nerds, a category which we associate with.) Do you know that it is possible to search in Klingon or pirates language?

Google Homepage: A bit of nostalgia

You can search through the classic Google page, the one with which the Mountain View giant has become famous. The results will be displayed with the latest design, but it is still a nice trip to the memories.

Google Homepage

Google Homepage: To lose a lot of time

There is a version of Atari Breakout, there is the Solitaire, there is Pac-Man… something for everybody.

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