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PwaveHosp is an hospital software that inhabits healthcare staff to improve their performance and increase efficiency. In addition to this, it aims to protect patients’ medical records and also to reduce waste, preferring a digital system to a paper one.
It is mainly aimed at hospitals and clinics to support doctors in managing daily activities ranging from scheduling appointments, to collecting data to complete the entire patient record (gender, age, address, drug sensitivity, etc.), to printing of prescriptions, to the accounting system and to the billing system.



  • Predictive Analysis: utilizes predictive analysis to predict the next prescription which is important for reducing doctor’s precious time
  • Optional Online System: hospitals have the option of maintaining the online systems. Benefit of online system includes accessing hospital key data anytime, anywhere and anyplace
  • Reduced Operational Cost: major hospital registers like Birth Register, Death Register, Admission Register, OT Register etc. are automatically created in the system reducing the operational cost and increasing efficiency
  • Analytics and dashboards: key statistics directly on your finger tips. Empower the future of healthcare data with automated, real-time dashboards
  • Integration: the hospital management system is easily Integrated with other systems for Pathology, Pharmacy, Doctor and Reception
  • Notifications: automatic notifications to keep the staff informed on their toes. This even reduces the manual efforts
  • Reduce additional cost: reduced additional Cost by the use of artificial intelligence and auto populating registers
  • Electronic format: discharge summary, procedure summary, OT summary and patient record automatically in electronic format
  • Pwave Appointment Scheduler: automate your appointments and manage your staff in single click
  • Pwave Chem: automatically track near expiry items, prevent thefts and manage inventory items
  • Pwave Patho: seamlessly upload all the reports and make it accessible to Doctors and Patients instantly
  • Pwave Doctor: Pwave billing software


With the PwaveHosp hospital management program, you will be able to optimize and improve the efficiency of the clinic or hospital in question.

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Usability: 8.5 /10 Speed: 8.2 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 8.2 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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