How to backup and restore Start Menu layout in Windows 10

Start Menu layout in Windows 10 is easily customizable: selecting Settings > Customization we can group together and pull in front of the screen most used apps and folders, remove or resize a file as we like it, activate or deactivate animations or choose tablet mode. This requires time and effort, but at the end of the day may speed up a lot of your day-to-day operations. To avoid losing time to personalize the layout every time you need to restart your PC, or you buy a new one, you can back it up to restore it later on different devices.

Start Menu Layout is located in AppData folder: we can find this folder by making hidden files visible. Click on View Tab and flag the “Hidden items” box in the Advanced Settings menu.

How to backup the Start Menu layout in Windows 10

  • Log out from the account you need to manage and log in into the admin account
  • open a new Explorer window
  • go to Windows (C:)> Users > [YourUsername] > AppData > Local > TileDataLayer
  • copy the folder called Database on Dropbox or on a thumb drive (or a hard drive, or wherever you’d like)

How to restore the Start Menu layout in Windows 10

Copy the folder called Database right where you found it, in your PC or a new device: Windows (C:)> Users > [YourUsername] > AppData > Local > TileDataLayer.

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