How to use Telegram voice calls

Sometimes it’s necessary to make a phone call, but without using a regular phone line (or the app for voice calls on your phone). Maybe you want to call your relatives in another state; maybe you want to save some money, maybe you try new apps for fun. In the last few years, dozens of apps have appeared that allow you to bypass the voice line and take advantage of the ever-present internet connection, which has defined the better part of the last decade.

The latest to add a voice call service is Telegram, the popular multi-platform chat app. This feature was introduced at the end of March and allows you to use Telegram not only for messages or secret chats, but also to talk to your contacts.

Telegram Voice Calls: how to use them

Easy peasy.

  • Go to your contact list
  • Open a chat
  • Touch the contact’s name
  • You’ll see a short menu that allows you to search the chat, mute the conversation, call the contact and get its information
  • Touch “calls”
  • Enjoy the call :)

Telegram Voice Calls: how to manage your privacy settings

Maybe you don’t want to receive calls from anyone from your Telegram contacts. Open Telegram and then:

  • Go into Settings > Privacy and Security > Voice calls
  • Here you can choose who to allow to call you: Everybody, only your contacts, or Nobody
  • Even if you choose Nobody, remember that you can put some people on a white list, so as not to filter out their calls.

Voice calls Telegram: Are They Safe?

It would seem so, or at least: they should be safer than regular chat. On the one hand, Telegram is not a particularly unbreakable instant messaging service. On the other hand, secret chats are actually safe: the voice call service uses the same encryption algorithm, which means that you’ll be pretty safe.

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