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Demand Metric is an agile marketing solution that offers practical models, documents, guides, training resources and other tools to help conceptualize, plan, execute and analyze their large projects. With this solution, users are able to accelerate the entire cycle of planning, implementation and evaluation of marketing through predefined project plans, familiar resources and tools of Microsoft Office and much more. Marketing assessment tools help users determine areas that require improvement, enabling them to become more effective and efficient in future projects. The models are extremely flexible and allow you to make the necessary changes to meet your specific needs. The software uses Microsoft tools, which allow you to familiarize yourself with the solution without going through a steep and difficult learning curve.


Follow this simple framework to take advantage of the 25 best tools, designed to help you get immediate marketing results:


  • You know who is working on what
  • Help the team get the job done faster
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Feel organized and proactive
  • Shows the value offered by marketing
  • Roll up tasks across all your team’s projects with the flexibility to view and filter tasks on a single screen
  • A “registration system” to track projects, obtain feedback, accelerate approvals and show alignment with strategic objectives
  • A simple solution that your team will love to use. Spend more time on operations
  • Work with an expert coach to standardize your processes and create models for events, content production, campaigns and product launches
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that define the process on how to receive requests, prioritize, assign, plan and approve work.


Demand Metric, agile management solution that provides training modules in multiple marketing areas, allowing you to expand your knowledge and acquire training certifications to open the doors to greater job opportunities. Leave a review on this program too.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 9 /10 Support: 9.5 /10 Pricing: 9 /10

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