Must-have tech gadgets for your car

In this article, Accurate Reviews experts look into the essential devices that all cars should have. These are cutting-edge tech gadgets that take care of you and your vehicle, helping to prevent road accidents or cosmetic damage.


The world of technology is constantly changing and the automotive industry is benefitting from this pervasive innovation.
In recent years, we have seen design improvements aimed at increasing vehicles’ safety and efficiency, as well as environmental-friendliness. Cars are becoming “smarter” thanks to the addition of new tech-enabled features and gadgets that promise to achieve two important objectives: boost safety and comfort.


All new car models include safety features which allow us to drive with added peace of mind. Some can simply help you squeeze into a tight parking spot, others allow for better visibility at night, while others play an important role in mitigating dangerous situations that could have a tragic outcome, had these features not been enabled..
Here’s what ADAS devices (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) are: safety and driving assistance systems mandatory for all new European vehicles manufactured starting in 2022.
Among these we find:

  • Adaptive cruise control: electronic cruise control that allows the vehicle to be maintained at a certain speed and at a safe distance. The car will drive itself, accelerating or slowing down where as needed
  • Forward collision warning: a small camera will detect possible collisions and alert the driver with a sound
  • Automatic emergency braking: activated in case of a rear-end collision, it is faster than human’s reaction time and works similarly to the forward collision warning
  • Lane keeping and lane departure device: quite an useful system, this lane-keep assist will send an acoustic warning that invites the driver to keep the vehicle on the lane or to move into the correct lane
  • Blind spot detection: two cameras allow to detect the presence of approaching obstacles and activate an acoustic signal that warns the driver to pay attention
  • Driver drowsiness detection: through monitoring various parameters, as well as blinking speed, a sound alert or steering wheel vibration will warn the driver in case of loss of attention. 
  • As for the sphere strictly related to comfort, the most pampered ones will enjoy excellent heated seats for the winter season and the head-up display that allows you to monitor speed, engine rpm, current speed limits, to choose the tracks, make calls, or view directions.

Looking at gadgets that provide added comfort, heated seats are going to be a must-have in cold climate regions. New Head-up displays will allow you to monitor speed, engine rpm, current speed limits,music, calls, or view directions.
Another essential driving aid is certainly the GPS, an electronic tracking device that connects to IoT sensors and collects real-time data on driving time, miles traveled and much more, creating custom fleet management solutions and high-level experiences to analyze performance and increase the efficiency of the fleet for your company.


Smartphones have now become a fundamental part of our lives, so it makes perfect sense for car manufacturers to take advantage of their capabilities. For example, the most advanced technology will allow you to lock and unlock the doors remotely thanks to the keyless system, check the status of the fuel level and tire pressure and even start the car remotely, which is especially nice on cold winter mornings.
Furthermore, most of the recently manufactured vehicles allow you to connect your smartphone to the car’s infotainment system, for example by connecting Apple CarPlay for iOS devices or Android Auto for Android devices in order to make some apps accessible from the steering wheel while driving.

Thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, our cars are becoming safer, more comfortable, environmentally-friendlier and soon fully automated and self-driving. We must move towards a future that will see the driver as a passenger who will be able to enjoy all the safety and comfort devices that his driver (the car itself) offers him.

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