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2020 Top OCR Software User Guide

If you’re the kind of person who needs or likes to accumulate papers as invoices, business cards, mail, printouts of static-data, passport documents, bank statements, receipts and so on, you might like to transform them in editable and searchable PC data taking advantage of OCR technology.

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    Optical character recognition or optical character reader (OCR) is the mechanical or electronic conversion process of images into machine-encoded text. Images can include printed, typed, or handwritten text. In simple terms, OCR enables a simple procedure that digitize printed texts. The results can be used as a data entry, electronically stored, searched, edited, shared on-line, etc.

    OCR is a sophisticated technology that merges three main areas: pattern recognition, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. How does OCR software works? It goes through several steps: first, the software analyzes the structure of document image after photo-scanning by dividing it into elements (tables, blocks of texts, images, etc.), and then it separates lines in words and then in characters codes, such as ASCII. When characters are processed, they are compared with a set of pattern images to analyze different variants and results. Finally, the software presents you recognized text. Advanced OCR systems boost hardware as main circuit boards and computer chips designed to speed up the recognition process.

    How to choose the right OCR software for your needs? Most OCR systems boost a combination of hardware with an optical scanner and software that recognizes text. Inexpensive ones work only through software, and they’re not flawless, but they work well with text on paper and could be perfect for consumer, freelance, students and small business. If you run a large enterprise, it’s better to choose an advanced OCR solution that can read a text in a large variety of fonts and languages, but handwritten documents are still not always easy to process.

    Some OCR applications can improve the quality and correct defect as distortion at the edges and dimmed light in images captured by a digital camera to correctly recognize the text.

    The most the OCR software is powerful, the easiest is processing documents saving a lot of time and effort.

    1 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

    If you need the most powerful OCR tool out there, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the right choice for your business. Acrobat Pro DC is the latest version of Adobe’s PDF and OCR suite. The software is characterized by top-notch OCR conversion,

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    2 Creaceed Prizmo

    Prizmo is a great Mac OS X scanning application that also provides tough Optical Character Recognition capabilities in over 40 languages. Prizmo OCR engine boosts powerful text-to-speech, good editing capability, iCloud support and help users thanks to the VoiceOver feature.

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    3 ABBYY FineReader

    ABBYY FineReader is a well known OCR software that makes readable PDFs, electronically generated documents and images, thanks to excellent text recognition accuracy and conversion capabilities in replicating them.

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    4 Captricity

    Captricity is an OCR web-based application designed for midsize business and large enterprise. This first cloud-native enterprise data capture system promises to extract securely data from any customer input channel

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    5 Microsoft OneNote

    Microsoft OneNote is an elementary OCR solution you may take advantage of. After Redmond extended OCR support to Mac and iPad, MS OneNote is included with the latest Microsoft Office you might already own.

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    6 OmniPage 18

    OmniPage is one of the best OCR software in the industry, and for good reasons. We found it to be our OCR scan software of choice, ranking it up in our top OCR software list.

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    7 Readiris Pro 15

    Readiris Pro 15 is a top-notch OCR software, and its developers at I.R.I.S. have long been at the forefront of the industry, providing high quality scan software.

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    8 PaperPort Professional 14

    PaperPort is made by Nuance Communications, which known for its speech recognition software, and they leveraged their prowess making PaperPort Professional one of the best OCR software in the industry.

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    9 SimpleOCR

    SimpleOCR is a freeware solution that can be fully used by consumer as well as business users it may not have the efficiency and usability that other professional solutions have.

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    10 Presto! PageManager 9.5 Pro

    Presto! Pagemanager 9.5 Professional Edition helps you to manage your office documents, as well as your personal ones. Version 9.5 of this OCR software allows to even edit your PDF, and it can directly save your scanned documents up in the cloud.

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