PayPal Instant payments: pay friends and relatives immediately

Picture the following scene: you are sharing a pizza with your friends and having a great time. But then you have to pay. Sometimes you do not have enough cash with you, but you can rely on your credit card and your friends are in the opposite situation. How to overcome the perennial problem of splitting the bill? Usually, one friend pays for everyone, and then you manage to pay off your debt. You will soon be able to pay your amount to your friends through PayPal.

PayPal instant transfers will, of course, require a credit card or a checking account associated with your account, from which you can pay your friends or our relatives.

To be honest, it was already possible for US users to pay friends through services with Venmo or Xoom, both owned by PayPal, but payments would take at least one business day to be credited. With PayPal’s immediate transfer, the credit will be held in a matter of minutes (though PayPal’s COO admits that some banks may take up to half an hour) at the cost of just a quarter of a dollar.

You can use other different systems to pay your friends through a peer-to-peer system: with iOS 11 you can use Apple Pay, for example. Other popular systems are Google Wallet, Square, and even Facebook Messenger.

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