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PDF Generator API is a solution used to create, edit PDF documents and merge templates with software data. It is suitable for professionals in various industries, such as legal, human resources, ecommerce, procurement, marketing and sales. With this solution, users can access individual workspaces to manage and modify templates accordingly. PDF Generator API automatically creates workspaces as API requests are made. On-site and enterprise deployments are available. It can automate many document generation workflows, including the creation of multipage templates, the application of clauses, the creation of fillable PDFs, the import / export of templates and more. Includes text, tables, graphics, barcode, images, footer headers and other smart components.


Here is a tutorial on this Pdf editor:


  • Users can edit and manage their templates: provides a workspace logic that allows creating a separate workspace for each of your user where they can edit and manage their templates. A new workspace is automatically created whenever you make API requests with a new workspace identifier
  • Each user has their own workspace: allow your users to edit templates. You can embed the template editor in your application to allow your users to edit their own templates. You can view the editor in a new window, tab or in an iframe
  • Share templates with your users: you can set up default templates that can be used as base templates by your users. Whenever they modify a default template a new copy is saved to their workspace
  • Powerful Expression language: you can write mathematical and logical expressions to manipulate and customize values displayed in components. Use ternary, arithmetic, bitwise and comparison operators, functions to sum, join and iterate arrays
  • A wide range of smart components: you can use different components like Text, Table and Barcode and define formatting formats to number and date values. It is possible to group, filter and sort lists and tables without a need to modify the data set on your side
  • Merge template and data via API: powerful REST API to merge templates with data from your software. Just send the template identifier and JSON data to get the PDF
  • Secure traffic: all API connections are established through secure and encrypted SSL channels. Our SSL Certificates use strong signature algorithm SHA256withRSA and we support only TLS 1.2 connection. Qualys SSL Labs rates our infrastructure setup with grade A+
  • Secure storage: the database instances use encryption. Data that is encrypted at rest includes the underlying storage for DB instances, its automated backups, read replicas, and snapshots
  • GDPR compliance: committed to GDPR compliant across our services and provides custom deployment in European regions provided by AWS
  • Daily backups: all databases are backed up on a daily basis to keep your templates safe.


PDF Generator API is a PDF editor that can be used to create invoices, contracts, packing slips, monthly reports and other custom document templates. Templates can be downloaded or archived as PDF or HTML documents.

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