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SalesRabbit is a trusted customer relationship management platform designed for businesses of all sizes. It uses revolutionary techniques to support team efficiency, representative motivation and sales mastery with team of field representatives. The software provides a number of features that include lead tracking, rankings, team messaging, company branding, territory management, sales tools, GPS tracking, data grid and digital contacts. Features are fully customizable and work in unity to help you make essential changes in your business that enable optimal performance.


Let’s see how simple it is to use this pest control software:


  • Sales Territory Mapping: simplifies the creation and assignment of areas, progress monitoring, viewing the history of areas, customer mapping and more
  • Rankings: receive sales rep performance data, so you can use it to collect data, analyze your team’s performance, and make changes accordingly
  • Team Messaging: keep everyone on the same page with in-app messaging. Use it to communicate quickly, broadcast incentives, send training courses, and more
  • Sales Rep Tracking: this tool helps you understand where reps spend their time, how they behave at appointments, and how they rank relative to their peers
  • PDF documents upload and management: digitalize all your slicks and slides so you can view them from your device or send them to leads and customers
  • Lead Tracking and Disposition: collect lead information and use it. Call, text or email leads directly from the app. Edit lead statuses and track them as you move them through the sales funnel
  • Play high quality videos, even when offline: upload your videos and present them everywhere as a marketing tool
  • Training materials upload and recruiting: keep all your teams informed and efficient by making your training tools accessible
  • Create custom digital contracts: the form creation app allows each company to create forms and contracts to exactly meet your needs
  • Synchronize information throughout the company: when all your customer data is on the same platform, you will reduce data errors and increase customer satisfaction
  • eSignature: use the app to collect electronic signatures wherever you are, so you can do business at home or on the go.


SalesRabbit is a pest control software that provides users with the tools to improve their sales skills through customized training videos, PDFs, and other content targeted to team problem areas.

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