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Healthie is a practice management and telemedicine platform designed for nutritionists. It provides tools for appointment scheduling, video conferencing, billing, EHR charting, communications, and goal setting and tracking. The cloud-based desktop and mobile app aim to assist dietitians, nutritionists, health coaches, and the organizations they work with in launching, managing, and enhancing patient care.
Users can set availability parameters for self-service bookings and synchronize their calendars with iCal, Google, and Outlook, ensuring real-time availability updates to prevent overbooking. Automated reminders can be sent to patients before appointments, and the secure chat feature facilitates communication between clients and healthcare providers for questions or requests. Additionally, users can send messages to multiple clients simultaneously to provide updates or company news.



  • Customer portal accessible on the Web and mobile devices, allowing customers to book appointments, make payments, and share health data with their wellness service provider.
  • Secure messenger, replacing text messages and emails. Keep track of data such as weight, body composition, BMI/BMR. Customers can sync Apple Health, Google Fit, and FitBit devices.
  • Provide feedback on clients’ photo food logs, diaries, and activities for real-time support. Create customized and branded onboarding questionnaires, collecting information on payments, insurance, and identity documents.
  • Establish robust branching and matchmaking logic. Request signatures electronically. Set up smart fields that auto-fill in the electronic medical record. Automate follow-up and asynchronous experiences.
  • Built on the powerful scheduling platform of the healthcare industry. Generate customized booking flows with rules-based provider matchmaking. Offer individual and group sessions. Leverage webhooks to measure and predict provider utilization.
  • Coordinate care sequencing across your physician network, appointment types, and specialties. Offer fixed-date or progressive-start online programs. Add programs to a client package for participant payment.
  • Distribute pre-recorded videos, educational handouts, meal plans, recipes, quizzes, and surveys. Add programs to a client package for participant payment. Share a URL link for online participant enrollment on your website, social accounts, emails, and newsletters.
  • Secure video consultations on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Video chats with individuals or groups (webinars). Screen sharing with clients. Take notes during same-screen sessions. Communicate using high-quality, full-screen video.
  • Process customer payments, send invoices, and securely store credit cards on file. Create customized packages for clients to purchase online; get a URL link to virtually share your packages. Keep track of received and outstanding payments.
  • Create subscription services with recurring payments. Generate Superbill and CMS 1500 forms for insurance reimbursement. Automatically populate content in claim forms for easy claim generation. Direct submission of claims to Office Ally. Track authorizations and benefits in client profile. Billing for liabilities due to the client (copays, deductibles, denied claims).
  • Free mobile app for wellness providers and clients, available for iOS and Android devices. Providers can manage their business, calendar, and interact with clients on the go. Use chat and telemedicine features within the app for HIPAA-compliant communications. Upload and/or review documents in your resource library and share them with clients.
  • HIPAA-compliant electronic health record for nutrition and wellness professionals. Use common templates, such as ADIME and SOAP, or create your own custom graphic forms. Create care plans to share treatment recommendations. Export chart notes to share with clients.


Healthie, physical therapy management software, facilitates virtual care through two-way video calls, which allow health care professionals to conduct video consultations and follow-ups.

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