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2017 Top Project Management Software User Guide

Delivering is hard. Keeping a project together is one of the most difficult task anyone can deal with, especially if you’re working on a tight schedule (and unfortunately, they’re always tight schedule). If you need to work from different locations or offices, or on different machines, you’d better check some online project management services. Otherwise, keep with us.

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    Even though nowadays everything’s moving to the cloud, there are still plenty of reasons to play safe and keep an “old-school” software on your PC. Mostly to avoid connection hiccups, since services can work only with an active internet connection, but you should also consider every security option. Having the software installed on your hard drive limits the chance that your contacts and your data will be sniffed by some malicious users, or that some internet outage could disrupt your progress and your work. Relying mostly on your own PC (or office server) reduces the chances of a worst-case-scenario, provided that you execute a correct backup strategy.

    To correctly manage a project you need first and foremost the ability to post tasks and deadlines, and that’s a feature that every project management software has. Many other features can help you and your team to stay up to date on a project, such as Gantt charts, which visualize clearly vital information like task’ start and finish dates, and the relationship between tasks. The software should allow you to assign tasks to team members or even external consultants without giving them full access to the other part of the project. There are many other features you will need, such as a location for your shared documents, some real-time communication system (unless you already use something else), and hopefully a time management feature – at least, you should ask for a time tracking system.

    The end result you should aim for is to focus your team, ensuring a better efficiency by fostering collaboration, updates and communication. Nothing that your team cannot achieve on its own: but why get things more complicated?

    1 ManagePro

    ManagePro is a project management software for freelancers, directors, managers at small and mid-sized business whose role is to manage people and then projects or tasks.

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    2 Things 3

    When the first version of Things came out on the iPhone in 2008, followers of David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity system thought they had died and gone to heaven. While other to-do list apps allowed users to do little more than build lists and enjoy the satisfaction of checking them off, Things came closer to letting users build the 43 folders and multiple list types that GTD recommended.

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    3 GanttProject

    GanttProject is a free and open source Java-based project management software featuring Gantt chart, resource management, calendaring, import/export (MS Project, HTML, PDF, spreadsheets).

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    4 2-Plan

    While most of the project management platforms are deployed online, 2-Plan offers a free open source desktop solution for your business needs.

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    5 Microsoft To-Do

    It takes a lot of courage for a company to launch yet another to do list on a world that seems to want chaos but that’s exactly what Microsoft has done.

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    6 Microsoft Project

    Microsoft Project 2016 is the traditional elephant in the room: it’s the most famous and the most used project management software. It's a business tool that's been around forever and is used in almost every industry.

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    7 RationalPlan

    RationalPlan is a project management software that can help you run your team through the thick and thin, and it will cost you significantly less than other great competitors.

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    8 Task Manager 20|20

    Task Manager 20|20 continues a long and glorious tradition for Orbisoft: this business software allows you to organize your work and your projects...

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