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UserVoice is a product feedback management software dedicated to enabling companies to make data-driven product decisions and prioritize feature requests by making customer judgment more meaningful. Companies use the software to make strategic product decisions and improve user engagement and retention while being efficient with their development resources. Users can prioritize feature requests and create a data-driven product roadmap and combine quantitative customer data with qualitative product feedback to make informed roadmap decisions. Compare potential features using features such as customer spend, NPS, or custom segmentation metrics and keep planning and roadmap meetings focused on real data.



  • Give users a dedicated place to share, vote on, and discuss ideas for product features and improvements
  • Easily capture user feedback in Slack and add it to your growing repository of feedback
  • Enable users to quickly share feedback from within your mobile or web app
  • Advanced internal feedback functionalities enable your sales, success, and support teams to seamlessly pass along feedback without interrupting their existing workflows
  • UserVoice’s Contributor Sidebar allows customer-facing teams to capture feedback directly from any web-based application
  • Keep customer-facing teams informed about specific ideas
  • Keep everyone on the same page about product strategy. Create and share an always-up-to-date roadmap across your organization
  • Make Engineering teams aware of the customer demand behind work in progress
  • Easily notify users when something they’ve asked for is in progress, in beta, or has been launched
  • Gauge users’ excitement about what you’re working on and predict future adoption
  • Connect with the supporters of an idea to uncover the underlying problems, rapidly validate solutions, and recruit beta users with ease.


UserVoice is a review management solution that captures feedback across multiple channels and redirects it to a single, comprehensive database. Regardless of where the review comes from, the software aggregates it into one centralized location to quickly find trends to guide roadmap decisions.

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Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 7.5 /10 Pricing: 6.5 /10