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Sellzone is a multifunctional marketing tool for Amazon powered by Semrush, a company that became popular thanks to its ultimate SEO software. Useful, powerful and robust, it offers an array of metrics for comparative analysis of listings on Amazon, as well as valuable insights on how to create an attractive listing.

If you want to become a successful Amazon seller and showcase your products in a way that maximizes sales, you also need to become familiar with the factors that influence Amazon’s ranking algorithm. The keyword creation feature has a database of over 200 million keywords to help sellers identify keywords that can increase the profitability of your listings. Listing Protection allows you to track all major changes to Amazon listings and your competitors’ rankings. Traffic Insights analyses and shows a comprehensive report consisting of in-depth charts and tables to compare your listings. With this tool you can also monitor the performance of each item and choose the best marketing options.


The following tutorial shows the main features of this SEO tool:


Here are the main tools of this program:

  • PPC Optimizer: pick the product you want to advertise, set campaign details in a few clicks, and let the tool do the rest. It will automatically discover and add relevant keywords, remove non-performers, and create negatives. It’s perfect if you’re an experienced seller and want to save time and make the most of advertising investments or if you’re new to selling on Amazon and want to quickly get ahead of your competition
  • Traffic Insights: analyze ASIN traffic, compare and optimize. Examine internal and external traffic channels such as Google Organic, Referrals, Shopping Ads, Display Ads and use the data to expand your audience and get more sales. Learn the best practices from your competitors, dissect the promotional strategies of competing products, and find the best way to increase your brand’s reach outside Amazon’s ecosystem
  • Listing Quality Check: audit your listings and get improvement ideas, scan your listings for content errors and increase product visibility and conversions. Benchmark the quality of your competitors’ listings and check if you are following all of the official recommendations and guidelines to get favored by Amazon and avoid listing suspension
  • Split Testing: maximize your profits – every listing can perform better. Maximize sales by split testing listing’s content – try different titles, images, descriptions, and price points. You can manage your listings directly and apply any changes in one click. Experiment to always have the top−performing listings
  • Product Research: with regularly updated data, you can be sure that you’re choosing the product that’s attracting shoppers at this very moment. Use convenient filters to uncover low-competition, high-demand products within a comfortable price range.
    Instead, for determining if a product is profitable, you can use the FBA Calculator, a really useful tool that automatically calculates your Amazon rates by estimating how much you earn on each sale. In addition to this, it also gives you access to a forecast of the number of sales for each product per month so you can get an even more complete overview
  • Keyword Wizard: pinpoint the most popular keyword searches on Amazon, just enter a search term relevant to your product to find tons of high-volume keywords relevant to your store. Thanks to the smart filters, all you have to do is enter a seed keyword to get the best terms for your product in a few moments. Another way to find the words is definitely the “Search Terms” function, a button that enables a process to collect the most frequent search terms. To save the words, simply select them and copy them to your clipboard.
    Optimize your listings around the most popular keywords your customers are actually searching thanks to accurate volume data backed by Semrush
  • Listing Protection: get hijacker & suppression alerts and act quickly. Set up email or SMS notifications to act quickly after losing control over your listing, and minimize the drop in sales. Keep an eye on your rankings and grow your product visibility in Amazon search. Monitor any product and note all changes in price points and buybox ownership.


Powered by Semrush, which leads the market in online visibility management, Sellzone is a toolkit designed to sell products on Amazon, improve and test your listings, find out what your customers like the most, monitor traffic, research the most used keywords and terms and improve the SEO ranking.
It is not only comprehensive and functional, it is also easy to use, free, powerful and sophisticated. It therefore appeals to any type of marketer, even the least experienced, as it allows you to build a business from scratch with the only purpose of increasing your earnings.

Sign up in a minute, log in, choose the product you want to advertise and set up the campaign details. Sellzone will take care of the rest.

What are you waiting for? Register today and try it out for FREE.


Usability: 9.5 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 9.5 /10 Support: 9.5 /10 Pricing: 9 /10

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