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Textedly is a truly functional and flexible text message marketing tool with a nice interface. The application helps businesses reach their target audience via their cell phones. By using text messaging for promotional and marketing purposes, they immediately reach their subscribers who are likely to have their phones with them most of the time. The software is easy to set up. In addition, Textedly offers advanced sms marketing tools that allow its users to send 300 messages per second with a generous plan that accommodates unlimited subscriptions. Businesses can even exceed the standard 160-character message limit. This allows them to say everything they need in a single text message so they can avoid flooding a subscriber’s phone.


Let’s look at how to send a text message with this sms marketing software:


  • Easy registration: registration is quick and trouble-free as users can easily register via their cell phones. Text marketing tools and notification campaigns are accessible upon registration
  • Mobile: users can send mass messages without the computer need. They just have to download its app to experience mobile and on-the-go marketing
  • Unlimited keywords: use as many keywords as you want when you sign up. Branding is easy and no additional fees are charged for each new keyword you add
  • Integrated calendar: the software provides a built-in calendar that allows marketing teams to easily schedule mass messages and campaign notifications
  • Inbox: the solution offers an elegant tool that allows subscribers to reply to messages. Replies are automatically sent to users’ inboxes. In this way, businesses can engage their customers through two-way or one-on-one chats.
  • Instant receipt: the program can complete sending mass text messages in seconds. It can send 300 messages per second. Each text message has a unique identifier that allows it to reach the receiver’s cell phone immediately. This allows subscribers to be informed the moment there is an urgent update or flash promotion
  • Real-time data: the software allows its users to receive data on how many users have clicked on the sent link. It also automatically recovers the state, city and zip code of all contacts included in the subscriber list. Activity feeds, interactive charts, subscriber timestamps, total user history and performance metrics are collected. Reports and analysis of the following data are available
  • Attachments: users can attach images and PDF files to their messages and continue to use up to 1600 characters for the message body
  • Compliant solution: the program addresses CTIA and mobile operator compliance. This allows companies to focus their energy on marketing their text messages rather than aligning with rules and regulations
  • One-time automatic response per keyword: when people use a keyword to sign up for text notifications, they receive a default reply. But in the event that they deactivate and decide to reactivate, they don’t receive the same automatic welcome message. Instead, they receive a generic “welcome back” message to avoid redundancy and let them know the company is excited to have them back on board.


Textedly provides business owners, owners and managers with analytical tools to help them evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. In this way, they can devise strategies that are better suited to their market segments and attract more subscribers and paying customers.

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