Twitter and privacy: the latest changes

Twitter has announced several changes to privacy and advertising policies. Now you can access a range of information about our profile that was not known before, including, for example, the interest that the social network has deduced we have, advertisers who have added us to campaigns or public details, the list Apps and devices from which we access and similar information. These changes are indeed very useful and allow us to control our privacy on the social network better.
We explain how to review this information and possibly edit them (as we did).

Twitter privacy: how to see the new info

To view and edit the information that Twitter shares with advertisers, sign in to your profile. Then go to this page, or go to Settings > Your Twitter Data. You will find all the data that Twitter has received directly from you, or that it has deducted from your business over the years. For example, your age range, your sex, the languages ​​you speak or interact with, the main location you write from, and more.

Some things can be changed (e.g., age, or sex), some collected information can be deleted (browsers from which you are logged in).

You can click on the relevant items and see what Twitter thinks you are interested in, and for what topics you are profiled. In our case, there were more than 540 selected interests, all inaccurate. You can erase all this information, but you will need to check one for one. (We did it 540 times.)

To avoid being profiled again, go back to the Privacy and Security page and disable Personalization and Data.

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