Upkeeping your Family’s Computers During Christmas 2016

Looking forward to some long overdue relax during this holiday season? Keep in mind that your parents and your family are dying to ask you for advice and how to do this and that on their computer, and you, with the Force on your side and a lot of patience, can’t get away. Take advantage of this Christmas 2016 to upkeep your family’s computers, and earn your uncle’s affection. Here we explain how to maintain your Mac or your PC.

Update the system

If may seem obvious, but for your family is not: update Windows or macOS, and update all the apps that are out-of-date. Updating everything will not only speed up the computer, but it will protect it.

Get rid of useless files and software

Toolbars, downloads never used and left somewhere on your hard disk, useless and potentially dangerous software: it’s the start of a slacken computer, either a PC or a Mac. A lot of those “crapware”, which is junk software, run in the background and eat away your computer’ resources. First thing first: you have to get rid of crapware, using proper tools. If you have a Windows PC, try Revo Uninstaller, a straightforward and quick app that can find any additional software. If you want to dig deep and eradicate those custom pre-installed software from your machine vendor, like an extra helper, we suggest you Decrap My Computer. For Mac users, we recommend AppCleaner, as quick and simple as the other apps. After using them, you’ll notice some serious difference.

Download or update the antivirus, make a complete scan

You know how easily mothers and aunts click on every possible link, which inevitably leads to some security issues? Help them by checking their antivirus. If they don’t have one, download as once one of the best free antivirus and a free anti-malware in the industry. Zemana Antimalware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, HitmanPro, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security are but few of the best free and paid solution out there.
They already have an antivirus? Jolly good! Update its database to the very latest definition possible. And once you installed or updated it, make a complete scan of the system. It will be a long task, but it’s paramount to check for unseen threats, somewhere deep in the machine.

Make a backup

It won’t speed up the computer, but it will help in the worst case scenario: make a backup of their PC or Mac, so that you can retrieve your parents’ files when the computer disk dies or a virus will destroy their digital lives. If you better like a backup software, we suggest you Nova Backup PC. If you’re looking for a cloud backup service, then using SOS Online Backup could be a perfect fit. Either way, if possible schedule a regular backup, so your family won’t have to do it and nothing is lost when you’re not there guard them.

Invoke the Force

Be patient with Mom and Dad, Grandmothers and uncles and say after me: “I’m one with the Force, the Force is with me”.

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