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Exceed.ai is a virtual assistant software that uses artificial intelligence to convert more leads and increase sales. These virtual sales assistants are able to respond to all inquiries by providing answers, handling objections, sending intelligent follow-ups and collecting all the data needed for your CRM, just as a human operator would.
Exceed.ai offers AI chatbots that allow you to capture more leads and more information; once the potential customer’s need is understood, the virtual assistant will step aside, leaving room for the sales representative to convert them into a customer.



  • Artificial Intelligence: understands leads’ replies when they have questions, show interest, have objections or when they are “out of office,” and responds accordingly.
  • Automatically Updates your CRM: updates your CRM with the latest status when leads are qualified, change jobs, leave their company, wrong person, or ask to be contacted later.
  • Lead Qualification: ask qualifying questions to identify if a lead is ‘sales ready’. A virtual SDR can automate the entire process for most businesses and then hand over the lead to a rep to close.
  • Personalization: uses firmographics and user profile data to tailor each conversation for each lead.
  • Conversational Nurturing: AI virtual assistants are an automated lead follow up system that identifies a lead’s decision point in the journey and nurtures them according to their needs.
  • Meeting Scheduler: efficiently schedule meetings with leads by eliminating tedious back and forth communications so you can close more deals and convert more opportunities.


With Exceed.ai‘s virtual assistants, you can engage 100% of leads with inspiring conversations and powerful analytics and testing tools.

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Usability: 8.8 /10 Speed: 8.2 /10 Features: 7.8 /10 Support: 9 /10 Pricing: 5 /10

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