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Nuspace is a 3D meeting platform that facilitates team collaboration using augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. Built with state-of-the-art editing techniques, it enables users to analyze collaborative data at all stages of the value chain. Key features include augmented/mixed reality, immersive training, 3D visualization, virtual meetings and immersive environment. Healthcare professionals can use the application to communicate abstract and complex information with all stakeholders involved in a medical procedure. The virtual physical therapy module allows physicians to provide physical therapy sessions to remote patients and monitor their progress in real time. Teams can import 3D models onto the platform and evaluate ergonomics at an early stage to ensure that product designs meet desired requirements.


Let’s look at how to take a virtual tour in your own warehouse with this virtual reality creation software:


  • Multiple devices… A single platform: a new way to collaborate in the digital space Imaginate’s Atom module enables geographically dispersed teams to collaborate securely over contextual 2D/3D data. Equipped with the ability to visualize, interact, and converse over data like never before, teams can now quickly and confidently finalize designs, train, sell and generally interact better
  • Immersive, Real time 3D meetings: imaginate’s intuitive web interface and dashboards allows you to create, organize, and conduct meetings seamlessly. It lets you create meetings on the go, bring in your own 2D/3D data, invite people from few minutes
  • Secure content management: you have the option to host on Imaginate’s Azure Cloud, your own Cloud or in-premise. Irrespective of the hosting choice, no customer data is stored in any of our servers, ensuring truly secure collaboration over confidential contents
  • Comprehensive, hassle-free support: if you need help to get started with Imaginate or have trouble using it or you chanced upon a bug, the team is always there to help you.


Nuspace is a virtual reality creation software that enables manufacturers to use the AR-based Vision Picking module to navigate aisles and shelves and simplify inventory management.

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Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 8 /10 Features: 7.5 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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