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Onirix Studio is an augmented reality (AR) platform that allows users to create and deploy AR experiences in a simple and intuitive way. Through this platform, users can create customized AR content for various applications such as marketing, training, entertainment, and more. It offers advanced tools for creating and managing AR content, including 3D modeling, multimedia content management, geolocation, and more.
With a variety of features and an intuitive user interface, Onirix Studio is aimed at industry professionals, developers, and businesses looking to integrate augmented reality into their applications and business processes.



  • AR Experience Creation: allows users to easily create custom augmented reality experiences without the need for programming skills.
  • Content Management: offers advanced tools to manage and organize multimedia content used in AR experiences, such as images, videos, and 3D models.
  • Geolocation: supports the creation of location-based AR experiences, enabling users to place digital content in specific real-world locations.
  • Customization: users can customize their AR experiences by adding interactive elements, sounds, animations, and more to effectively engage users.
  • Analytics and Reporting: the platform provides tools to monitor the performance of AR experiences through detailed reports and analytics on user usage and interaction.
  • Integration: it can be integrated with other platforms and systems, allowing users to easily incorporate their AR experiences into other applications and business processes.
  • Multi-Platform Support: AR experiences created with the software can be distributed on a variety of devices and platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses.


Onirix Studio is a VR software that offers a user-friendly platform for creating and managing augmented reality experiences with advanced customization options, geolocation capabilities, analytics tools, and multi-platform support, empowering users to create engaging AR content tailored to their needs.

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