Why do big brands choose subscription-based design services?

Today’s companies, in order to keep up with the trends, need to create interest in existing users and capture the attention of potential customers to increase their business and generate more profit. For example, an eye-catching logo can help, as well as choosing buzz-generating topics. This is easier said than done. For many businesses, cracking the code to succeed in a digital marketplace proves impossible, so they turn to companies specialized in subscription-based design services to handle their digital strategy.

How do you create a winning design?

Below is a list of the main steps to create a successful design project:

  • Clearly define the scope of your project: the first step is to define, plan, validate and control the scope of your project. You can also look for inspiration in your prior work to make sure you don’t get anything wrong
  • Carefully select your team members: choose with care the collaborators who can bring value to your project, keeping in mind that each person has different aptitudes
  • Outline your goals and stick to them: identify what goals you need to achieve and within what timeframe
  • Collect data: through a market research for example – having an idea of what your competitors do can help you understand how to move forward smart and faster decisions.
  • Assess risks: don’t forget to take risks into account so that you are prepared to deal with issues quickly
  • Monitor the progress daily: regularly check on the progress of your project and take action in case of delays or bottlenecks that may prevent the achievement of the goals
  • Keep the team motivation high: ensure your collaborators are working harmoniously and keep an eye on morale.

Our advice

A great tool we recommend is Penji, a graphic design service that automatically matches your project to a designer.

When you access the platform, you’ll be prompted to fill out a form to explain your idea and needs.. Thanks to a team of capable designers, every idea can be brought to life: landing pages, posters, infographics, custom illustrations for t-shirts, logos, and even website or mobile application design.
These professionals are thoroughly vetted and their skills assessed so you can be sure of a quality outcome. Once your project is taken on by a designer, they will provide you with a draft, which can be revised until it meets your expectations. If you don’t like the designer’s style, you can request to be paired with a different style, whose style is more akin to your brand. Once the project is completed, you’ll be able to download your design in the  format you prefer among JPEG, PDF, PNG, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office and others.


By leaning on an agency that provides subscription-based design services like Penji, you save time and resources. Create eye-catching designs, meet deadlines and achieve your goals timely and within budget thanks to Penji’s services.

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