How to Share Large Files from your PC: Best Software

It has happened to everybody, right? Having to share some large files from your PC and you couldn’t do it because of some limitations. You can’t’ attached them to an email; you have to use some particular service that allows file sharing, regardless of their type or dimension. Most of them have a client app to use on your PC or Mac.


For sure one of the most famous cloud storage in the world, Dropbox also allows you to share large files, giving your friends & colleagues the direct link to the files. The free plan lets you manage up to 2GB.


This is another popular service. It enables you to send a large file, sharing a link from which it can be downloaded. As per Dropbox, we have a free plan that allows you to upload up to 2GB of space, but you can’t use their client app, and there are quite a few limitations. To use their client on your PC, you have to use the Plus account ($12/month), with 100GB storage available.

Microsoft OneDrive

It comes preinstalled on Windows 10 devices: OneDrive allows you to share files with other PCs, Macs, iOS devices and Android smartphones. It’s a simple solution, especially for Office files, which can be shared even from browsers. Free plan has 5GB of storage.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another contender: it allows you to storage your files online, to invite other people to see, download and edit them with no limitations. The free tier offers up to 15GB of space, scalable to 30TB (for $299.99 per month).

Send Anywhere

Maybe less known than its competitors, but appreciated nonetheless, Send Anywhere is the perfect software to share files between a computer and a mobile device. It lets you download their client, but you can use it also via browser – up to 1GB. All operating systems are supported, and you can share all kind of file. There’s a high-security level, for files never go through the cloud.


We already reviewed this service as a storage and cloud backup, but you can use it also as a sharing tool. For the storage, you just need a folder and send out invites to your contacts to access it. For sharing, instead, pCloud allows you to generate a download and upload link and use them even from mobile. The free plan allows for 20GB of storage, and 50GB bandwidth for link download.


Want to send any large file you have via email? KickSend lets you do this from their desktop client (with no dimension limit) or via browser (limited to 150MB attachment). Email recipient will receive a link to download the file, which will be available online for two weeks, and then canceled.


FileMail is free, requires no registration and allows you to send files up to 2GB. You can upload them directly from their web interface, adding you contacts email address to let them receive a link to download the file. Files will be online for three days and can be downloaded up to 10 times.

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