6 apps to help you boost your social media game

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Trends may come and go but one thing’s for sure: social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! According to recent statistics, there are now more than 4.4 billion social media users worldwide.
Aside from socializing with friends and loved ones, social media has become an avenue where businesses interact with their customers. If you are a business owner and want to take your online presence to the next level, you need to learn effective social media techniques to do exactly that.

To get started, allow us to recommend 6 remarkable apps you can use for your digital marketing campaign. 


Social media is all about visuals so you definitely want to attract your audience with attractive videos. One awesome tool to help you with that is Biteable, an app that lets you create short animated and live-action entertaining, educational, or promotional videos.
With this user-friendly app, you get full access to a comprehensive library of animated scenes, footage, music, and video templates. You can then tweak them according to your preference and even personalize the colors to fit your branding.
Best of all, Biteable lets you do all that from your computer or phone! No need to hire a whole production team or worry about buying costly equipment. This is definitely a good, cost-effective app to get, especially if you’re the type who loves posting shareable videos on your social media channels.


On their official website, the company describes Bitly as “a link management platform that lets you harness the power of your link.”
Currently one of the most popular URL shorteners out there, this tool lets you abbreviate long URLs for easier sharing and resharing on different social networking sites. Doing so encourages more users to click on your links, which could lead to greater traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately, sales.
The platform allows you to monitor clicks and see site referrals, plus you get information about the locations of your website’s visitors. Bitly’s service is being used for digital marketing both by startup businesses and even by some Fortune 500 firms so you can bet that they’re the real deal. 


Nothing compares to Canva when it comes to its versatility and ease of use as a graphic design tool. This app has gained massive popularity because it allows even the most inexperienced users to quickly create amazing-looking brochures, business cards, certificates, flyers, infographics, and posters, among others. Want to share a positive review you received recently? Instead of simply posting a screenshot of the review, you can whip up a quick graphic with Canva.
You can also use the app for making high-quality Facebook cover photos, Instagram stories, Pinterest boards, YouTube banners, and more. Go sign up for a free account and start enjoying access to numerous templates while using the extremely convenient drag-and-drop features. Designing graphics has never been this easy so make sure to take advantage of this wonderful tool as you do your best to develop your brand’s online image.


Considered by many users as one of the best social media management platforms, Hootsuite provides you with a user-friendly interface to help you make the most of your social media channels.
Hootsuite has built-in analytics features that allow you to monitor your social media pages without the hassle of logging on to each one. You get to see which posts are performing great – which can help you decide what type of content to produce more of in the future. Additionally, you can automatically schedule content across your platforms using a calendar view tool.


Another social media management tool, Sendible likewise makes a worthy pick for its simple layout and interface. Monitoring multiple accounts will be painless as you take full advantage of the available features.
As with Hootsuite, users can schedule posts and obtain reports from Sendible. Users may even customize reports with the app’s free version. They will, however, need to spend some cash if they want access to the extensive insights provided by the app. 


With a database of more than 2 million free-to-use photos, Unsplash has become the go-to resource for anyone looking for high-definition images they can use for various purposes. Need to create a poster for an upcoming event? Want to add pictures to your upcoming blog posts? You can count on this site to give you instant access to the photos you need.
Unsplash boasts a huge library full of gorgeous, watermark-free photos contributed by talented photographers from across the globe. You can download as many images as you need and you won’t even be required to credit the uploaders or pay anything – although both would be appreciated if you can do that.


With these helpful tools, building your brand and achieving social media marketing success is not an impossible goal. Go give these apps a try soon to see how they can improve your marketing efforts online. 

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