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Accurate Reviews experts, analyzing the programs on the web, have made a ranking of the best brand management software that have the main functions to sponsor your products.

Brand management: what are the best tools?

Brand management solutions give marketers tools to design, deliver and measure brand perception and awareness. You can control your brand both locally and globally, giving each market the attention it needs. There is a wide variety of management tools each with their own variety of features and functionalities. Some tools are used to create an effective general framework to be followed by brand managers, agencies and partners. Others provide a centralized database of brand assets to ensure consistency. Some tools offer features like social listening and data collection to track the impact of marketing on brand awareness and reputation.
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NiceJob is a cloud-based reputation management solution that helps organizations manage reviews, referrals and sales. Key features include email review invitations, reminders, reputation monitoring, website integration, photo texting, custom invitation templates, social accounts, and more. NiceJob has automated emails and text messages that prompt customers to leave reviews. Users can create customer stories using photos, comments and tags in reviews. Stories can be posted on the website and shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The software distributes reviews on sites with the help of a specific funnel.


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Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a smart tool that helps businesses grow their social media presence by reaching the right audience at the right time. It allows you to track revenue from social media marketing activities and manage multiple channels, monitor keywords, schedule unlimited posts and team collaboration from a single dashboard. It works great with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and can also be integrated with Zoho CRM. Businesses can listen and interact with their audiences in real time and update themselves based on what customers write as comments. Ready-made or customized reporting tools provide companies with insight to help measure and improve performance. Reports can also be shared and discussed with team members to ensure collaboration and effective decisions.


Here is a tutorial showing how to use this brand management software through social medi

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Justuno is a conversion optimization software that has a solid suite of tools designed to increase sales, grow email contact lists and improve on-site promotions. By harnessing the power of real-time user data, the software helps digital marketing agencies and advertising professionals achieve meaningful results for their customers by increasing their audience shares as merchants see their conversions increase. It also possesses powerful features like A/B testing, behavioral targeting, geo-targeting, and analytics all work together to help users create effective marketing campaigns that generate leads and dramatically improve conversion rates – all for a sizable increase in revenue.


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ReferralCandy is a cloud-based brand management solution designed to help online stores of all sizes manage customer rewards and drive referral marketing programs across multiple digital platforms. Key features include campaign management, affiliate marketing, traffic source tracking and rewards distribution. Teams using ReferralCandy can track key traffic sources and new sales from referrals, facilitating decision making by comparing performance to industry standards. Businesses can identify suspicious referrals and automatically ban fraudulent activities, ensuring compliance with government regulations. With HTML and CSS editing tools, users can use predefined templates and configure them according to individual requirements to establish brand visibility.


In this video we will learn how to test the referral process with this brand management program:

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