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Shopfloor-Online is an on-premise, cloud-based production execution system (MES) that helps manage production operations and monitor performance. The solution helps in the management of inventory operations by working on the movement of stored orders to products located at the production level. Using a universal data interface to connect to the ERP, it is able to update the company system with inventory data in real time. The solution helps manage quality operations by issuing control measures, measuring variation in the process, recording and investigating customer complaints, and more. The software uses a modular protocol where each module included in the system works together to create an integrated solution with a single database.


In the video we discuss the key features of this asset management software:


  • Dispatching work orders and their specifications from the ERP to production
  • Supporting the execution of production orders from order release to finished goods
  • Enforcing the process steps to ensure goods are manufactured conforming to the plan and to meet quality requirements
  • Collecting data, automatically from equipment or through manual input, to drive operations, demonstrate compliance, measure efficiency etc.
  • Providing a data store to hold historical data (relational database, integration with a data historian)
  • Embedding quality management processes in production steps in regulated environment
  • Enabling traceability & genealogy of parts or raw materials, labour and equipment to manage warranty services and product recall
  • Providing integrated analytics and dashboards for monitoring and reporting of plant performance
  • Focus on driving plant performance more effectively with real-time data at your fingertips 24/7.


Shopfloor-Online is a tool management solution that helps organize manufacturing operations by planning and tracking orders, recording production quantities and providing a real-time view of factory performance (OEE).

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