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MRPEasy is a cloud suite able to compromise CRM and MRP (Material Resource Planning) features, production planning, procurement and much more. It serves small to mid-size manufacturers, helping allocate resources.

First impression

MRPEasy at first glance is not so simple to understand. The software is aimed at a specific audience, and its features are directed to some particular industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, chemical, construction, tech, food & beverage, furniture, health and beauty, industrial equipment & machinery, pharmaceutical, rubber, plastic, textile, distribution and so on. Once you signup, however, you can watch three demo videos (5 minutes per video). If you watch them, you get up from 6 to 9 days of free trial.

Demos are extremely useful to understand immediately how this system works. The first video shows how to enter items in your catalog, how to use production planning for a manufacturing order. The second one guides you through manufacturing process management: add, dynamically re-schedule and carry out a production order. The third one shows you how to manage contacts, make invoices and check profits.

Demo data are automatically loaded into the system to help you practice. To start from scratch, you have to go to Demo Data and Videos > Empty the database: you’ll delete all demo data. Same thing for Delete orders and stock only: through this option you can erase manufacturing, purchase and customer orders, and inventory.



MRPEasy helps manufacturing companies to plan costs and production, cut unnecessary costs, improve processes, and increase revenue. You don’t have to install it: it works entirely online.

MRPEasy order administration and billing features are combined with serial numbers tracking, lean manufacturing, production control capabilities, and detailed sales data thanks to in-depth reports on sales metrics and market reports. Do you need to keep an eye on costs? No problem: MRPEasy provides alignment between the engineering bill of materials and the manufacturing process.

You’ll find a procurement module through which you can manage purchase cycle and purchase orders, streamlining all the process. A drag-and-drop scheduler lets project managers allocate resources for different projects. The CRM module helps keep track of customer information, history and account purchases, offering also market stats.

MRPEasy integrates with QuickBooks and Xero and offers APIs for third party applications. All versions include an unlimited database.


MRPEasy provides four pricing plans:

  • Starter, $39/user per month, includes unlimited users, support via ticket, production planning and reporting, dynamic rescheduling, reporting via Internet-Kiosk, supply chain management, warehouse management system, workforce planning, customer relationship management, multi-Language interface, multi-currency, global reach, integration with QuickBooks Online and Xero, APIs.
  • Professional, $54/user per month, includes all previously mentioned features and professional ones: co-product BOM, custom columns, expiry date, BOM with parameters, overlap and a special sequence of production operations, parallel execution of production operations, piece payment, quality control, serial numbers, subcontracting, tiered pricing.
  • Enterprise, $69/user per month, include all Starter and Professional features and adds barcode system (printing and scanning barcodes), backward production scheduling, maintenance management system, multiple stocks, multiple production sites, return merchandise authorization, revision/version control system, sales management.
  • Unlimited, $99/user per month, provides all mentioned features with no limits.


MRPEasy is a quick and valuable solution for MRP and CRM needs. Requires some time to get used to.

Usability: 7 /10 Speed: 7.5 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 7.5 /10 Pricing: 9 /10

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