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2020 Top Email Client Apps

Although social networks seem to have swallowed up all connections between users, email is still a vital tool to communicate. Nowadays is quite impossible not to be overwhelmed by the enormous flow of emails we send and receive every day, all day long. We send messages to colleagues, customers, friends, family: thanks to emails we can easily manage professional and personal relationships in a few lines of text.

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    Email is also one of the best lead generation tool available to us: thanks to email marketing we can grow out business and create a steady relationship with your customers. Depending on the use you’re going to make of it, you can choose a web based email service or a desktop client. Since Gmail’s debut, Google email service born more than a decade ago, the concept of web based email has been refashioned. Previously, webmail services offered nothing more than a cumbersome interface for reading and sending emails with a very limited amount of storage provided. At that time, you should delete as many attachments and messages possible to not clog your mailbox, making it more difficult for the business use, forcing you to pay for expensive enterprise services.

    Gmail has changed everything by offering a complete service with virtually unlimited free storage and so many additional features. From this innovation, work with a webmail has become easier and more affordable for everyone. Desktop email clients are catching up attention again: if you run a business, you need more than a rich webmail you can access from everywhere.

    You may need a desktop client to manage all your email accounts in one place, keeping them separate, considerably more organized and more secure, available even when offline. If you store client data or business info in your messages, you need to keep them with you, easy to recover, and away from possible hacker attacks. Most email client software offer scheduled backups to save you from all bad scenarios.

    Good-quality desktop clients also provide plugins for popular productivity tools, toolbars, task managers, to-do lists and social media providers, keeping your user experience up-to-date. Filters, categories, priorities, flags, color-coding, follow-up sorting, mobile sync and much more are other must-use feature offered by desktop email clients to help you efficiently manage your email flow.

    Keep in mind quite every good desktop client offers the mobile version. If you need the best desktop email client that fits your needs, take a look at our reviews.

    1 Gmail

    Gmail is a free webmail system and a Google e-mail service that users can access on a web browser, through its Android and iOS mobile app or using third-party programs. It provides a 15 GB email memory and the ability to send a message with up to 50 megabytes of attached files.

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    2 Spike

    Spike is an all-in-one email client software that centralizes chat, collaboration and calendar management in a single application. This cloud-based email messaging solution is created to optimize workflows and improve communication by simplifying the communication process.

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    3 Evolution

    Evolution is an open source groupware application with full functionality and a powerful, flexible, exceptional and free email client. This solution simplifies connection to Microsoft Exchange servers, filters spam through SpamAssassin and supports S / MIME for safe messaging.

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    4 Shift

    Chosen by hundreds of thousands of productivity enthusiasts around the world, Shift is a complete software that simplifies workflows so you can perform tasks efficiently. Tired of logging in and out of multiple accounts? Shift users can enter with a single click on over 800 of the most popular applications, extensions, mail accounts and cloud services of the web.

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    5 Geary

    Geary is a free and open source desktop email client solution developed for Linux users written in Vala. It is simple and straightforward to configure and has a modern user interface. Show emails as conversations that allow you to read a complete discussion without having to find and click from one message to another.

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    6 Pegasus Mail

    Pegasus Mail is a multilingual email client full of functions that supports multiple users and can be installed on individual computers, but also on local networks. In addition, it supports standard protocols (SMTP, IMAP, POP3, LDAP and PH) and provides you with a complete set of tools for managing your mailbox.

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    7 Zoho Mail

    Zoho Mail is an incredible e-mail platform that offers a combination of ad-free interface, clean and powerful features that are designed for professional use. Create rules to help manage incoming email and automate tedious tasks.

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    8 Amazon WorkMail

    Amazon WorkMail is a safe, managed business email and calendar service with support for desktop and mobile email client applications. Amazon WorkMail offers users the ability to access email, contacts and calendar without problems using the client application of their choice

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    9 Mail and Calendar

    While Outlook is a staple in the business world, Microsoft has long understood that it is excessive for many home users, so there is a light email client built into Windows. A long time ago, this client was Outlook Express, but since then it has evolved and in the latest version of the desktop operating system, it is known as Mail and Calendar.

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    10 Topsec Email Security

    Topsec Email Security is a web-based email filtering service that provides virus and spam protection and helps organizations prevent new and emerging threats to their network. This solution analyzes all incoming mail for spam and if it detects it, it quarantines them according to the company's policy.

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