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2017 Top Email Client Apps

Although social networks seem to have swallowed up all connections between users, email is still a vital tool to communicate. Nowadays is quite impossible not to be overwhelmed by the enormous flow of emails we send and receive every day, all day long. We send messages to colleagues, customers, friends, family: thanks to emails we can easily manage professional and personal relationships in a few lines of text.

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    Email is also one of the best lead generation tool available to us: thanks to email marketing we can grow out business and create a steady relationship with your customers. Depending on the use you’re going to make of it, you can choose a web based email service or a desktop client. Since Gmail’s debut, Google email service born more than a decade ago, the concept of web based email has been refashioned. Previously, webmail services offered nothing more than a cumbersome interface for reading and sending emails with a very limited amount of storage provided. At that time, you should delete as many attachments and messages possible to not clog your mailbox, making it more difficult for the business use, forcing you to pay for expensive enterprise services.

    Gmail has changed everything by offering a complete service with virtually unlimited free storage and so many additional features. From this innovation, work with a webmail has become easier and more affordable for everyone. Desktop email clients are catching up attention again: if you run a business, you need more than a rich webmail you can access from everywhere.

    You may need a desktop client to manage all your email accounts in one place, keeping them separate, considerably more organized and more secure, available even when offline. If you store client data or business info in your messages, you need to keep them with you, easy to recover, and away from possible hacker attacks. Most email client software offer scheduled backups to save you from all bad scenarios.

    Good-quality desktop clients also provide plugins for popular productivity tools, toolbars, task managers, to-do lists and social media providers, keeping your user experience up-to-date. Filters, categories, priorities, flags, color-coding, follow-up sorting, mobile sync and much more are other must-use feature offered by desktop email clients to help you efficiently manage your email flow.

    Keep in mind quite every good desktop client offers the mobile version. If you need the best desktop email client that fits your needs, take a look at our reviews.

    1 Apple Mail

    As with many of Apple’s entry-level products, it may seem a stripped-down software, with little functions for better manage your emails, but actually, it’s a good email client. And most of all, it’s free.

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    2 Airmail

    If Apple Mail is not enough for your tastes, you should definitely try AirMail, which is an excellent email client with a lot of features for power users.

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    3 Microsoft Outlook 2016

    There’s probably no one that doesn’t know Microsoft Outlook: at the very least, everyone has heard its name, and most of us have come across this infamous email client, once in our lifetime. But many things have changed since its initial release, twenty years ago.

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    4 Nylas N1

    Nylas N1 is a free email client for macOS, with many useful productivity features that comes handy when you have to manage your to-dos alongside your communications.

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    5 Opera Mail

    You probably know Opera for its excellent browser, fast, secure and free. They recently released Opera Mail as a standalone product, separated from the browser (it lived for years as a component of Opera). As you can expect from the developers of one of the most undervalued browsers in the world, this is a solid email client and works seamlessly with most providers.

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    6 Mozilla Thunderbird

    The first is to offer more than Microsoft’s Outlook, the default choice for businesses that need to manage their email communications. And the second challenge is to offer more than Gmail, the default choice for individuals who need to manage their email communications.

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    7 Claws Mail

    Claws Mail is a powerful free email client for Windows and Unix operating systems (that includes Linux and macOS as well). It is a versatile piece of software, but has two major downsides...

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    8 Inky

    Inky is a good-looking email client designed to offer an alternative to Outlook. It offers a free and a paid version, both with a one-time setup for all your devices, desktop and mobile.

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    9 Postbox

    Postbox is one of the oldest alternative email clients for Mac and Windows out there, once characterized by an outdated user interface.

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    10 MailMate

    MailMate is an ugly, but powerful and “keyboard-centric" email client for Mac. It does not focus on the design but provides a feature-rich text-based approach to email.

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