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Mailjet is an interesting all-in-one web-based solution that allows you to send both marketing emails and transactional ones, track them with accurate real-time analytics and be certain of a very high delivery rate because the service chooses the best IP address for your messages. Combining in one app two basic web marketing practices, Mailjet is an ideal solution for companies (and marketers) resolved to start newsletter campaigns and send to their customers another important kind of emails.


The first thing you will notice signing up for Mailjet is you can choose to start immediately your first newsletter campaign or empower your sending with the company’s RESTful API and SMTP server integrations. Mailjet provides indeed official libraries that let you add its support to your app in different languages (Python, PHP, Ruby) and offers integrations with the most popular CMS systems (WordPress, Magento, Joomla) to ensure a complete service.


The Mailjet’s home is very clear: you can choose to send a campaign or to configure your SMTP and API

When it comes to building your email marketing campaign all you have to do is follow the confusing instructions on the dedicated area, starting with the creation of your template. You can do it in a three-way: you can choose and edit one of the Mailjet’s ready made layouts, create your own with a dedicated drag&drop template builder or use their HTML editor. You can also upload and save your templates to reuse them whenever you want, although it’s far from easy or intuitive. Then you can send your email campaign through your app’s API integration or from Mailjet’s user interface.


The Mailjet’s dedicated drag&drop template builder is very easy to use

Once you have sent your campaign you can go back to your dashboard to see your accurate real-time stats (queued, delivered, opened, clicked, unsubs, blocked, spam, bounce).


Mailjet most innovative feature is its A/X test that allows you to try up to 10 variants of your newsletter before sending the best one to your contacts. Other email marketing services offer you the A/B test tool, and it’s not a usual feature as you may think, anyway. Along with this killer feature, Mailjet provides an easy to use tool that shows all the results of your current newsletter campaign and compare them with your previous sending to let you analyze all the results and improve your marketing strategies. Another appreciable Mailjet’s feature is a dedicated iOS and Android app that makes easier manage your transactional and bulk emails, offering a real-time monitoring of all your sending flows and good analytics to track your campaigns.


Mailjet’s iOS and Android app let you access your account through mobile


In the Mailjet website’s support area, you can find a straight FAQ section that maybe could effortless clear your doubts, but if you need more technical answer you have to open a ticket. The good thing if you get stuck is that support is 24/7, the less one is that you can proceed via email only (supporting English, French, German e Spanish languages). On the Mailjet website, you could also have a look at their blog and discover a lot of functional videos, articles, and webinars that can help to manage and improve your sending strategy. Then if you need some focused advice on a particular mail marketing subject (from newsletter analysis to deliverability audit and more) you can always ask for a pricing – but very effective – consulting service.


Mailjet has an interesting “free for life” plan that allows you to send up to 6.000 emails for month (with a 200 emails/day limit) and includes reports, tracking, a WYSIWYG template creator and API access to integrate email stats to your website. The only difference between the free plan and the first pricing one is a number of emails you can send for month (and daily): 20.000. Of course, you have to jump to premium account to get the most valuable features, like A/X testing, campaign comparisons, and list segmentations, but may be a worthy purchase if you want to boost your email marketing. Furthermore, Mailjet assures you of the fact that any plan comes with a 30 day trial of our premium features, so you can better measure all of the options before your choice.
Other worthwhile things you might interest about this service are the possibility to get a custom plan if your sending is massive (more than 2.500.000 emails a month) and a 20% discount on your fee if you run a nonprofit organization.


Deliverability results


Getting to the reports page is probably one of the easiest thing to do on MailJet’s site. Once you’re there you can see a pretty standard stats page, or download a pretty “minimal” CSV. Nevertheless, MailJet has a pretty high deliverability rate, at the same 85,7% as MailChimp. We tested as usual with our custom 500 contacts list, with all the major free email providers in it. Keep an eye on our deliverability test to compare MailJet to its competitors!


Mailjet is a very good choice if you’re looking for a feature-rich and cost-effective platform that let you manage both bulk and transactional emailing. Mailjet is recommended both for freelancers and large or midsize business.

Usability: 6 /10 Speed: 6.5 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 6 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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