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by Rocket Science Group (Atlanta, USA)

When you decide to boost your business getting into email marketing the choice could be quite difficult. There are a lot of useful services indeed that promise you to achieve your target with a stunning range of integrations, but sometimes it’s equally important to catch up with your audience keeping everything as simple as possible, especially if you are a beginner marketers or if you run a small business. If you identify yourself with this profile, TinyLetter could be the best choice for your email marketing strategy.


TinyLetter is a minimalist and neatly designed email marketing service, specifically conceived to send newsletters to your contacts in the simplest way possible. Now run by MailChimp’s parent company Rocket Science Group, this app makes extremely easy sending bulk emails, and this is the reason it’s truly recommended to anyone want to approach email marketing.
TinyLetter is totally free and let you communicate in a simple, fresh and non-intrusive way up to 5,000 people contacts, offering you basic tools to create a signup form, create emails, import lists from CSV file or Gmail. The registration process is seamless and starts from the “Sign up free” button that redirects you to the minimal form ever exists: email, username and password. Shortly after signing up you will receive a confirmation mail with a link that activates your account and gives you access to the very simple interface of “Compose” page. Here you can create your newsletter using just the basics TinyLetter provides you: write your message, edit it, add images, hyperlinks and preview your newsletter before sending it.

TinyLetter_Create newsletter

TinyLetter has an extremely neat and intuitive email editor

To get people subscribing your emails is very easy too because TinyLetter provides a code to embed and display on your website, a welcome landing page you can customize that describe what kind of newsletter you’ re going to manage and a smart sign up solution through Twitter.

TinyLetter_Subscribe page design

You can edit your landing page background, fonts and colors


Most of the email marketing service offers you a lot of features, integrations and great functionalities, but TinyLetter it’s designed only to send simply lean yet beautiful emails for free. So you will not find templates, integrations with other apps, analytics and all that kind of specific tools you can usually find in other platforms, but maybe you just want to create in minutes a newsletter for your contacts, giving them a clear and easy way to respond, and in this case, TinyLetter is perfect for you.
Maybe a limitation that can bother you a little bit is the platform doesn’t host images, so you have to store them elsewhere online or upload them to TinyPic, Photobucket, or Flickr: this process creates a URL you can copy into the TinyLetter’s image area.


TinyLetter’s support is basical as well as the service itself, providing a useful yet minimal help articles’ page and a contact form you can fill in the very remote case you could have problems with your newsletter.

TinyLetter_Help articles

Some of the Help articles you can browse on TinyLetter’s support page


Of course one of the most appealing peculiarity of TinyLetter is that it’s totally free as long as you aren’t sending emails more than 5,000 contacs. If you haven’t very big lists and you want to communicate in a fresh way with your subscribers ti’s absolutly convenient to give TinyLetter a try and if your list grows you can always transfer it directly to MailChimp (that belongs to Rocket Science Group company as TinyLetter) or choose another email marketing service with a more robust features.


TinyLetter provides “emails for people with something to say”, as its claim says: it’s a personal newsletter app that not aims to sell something but to communicate and share updates, digest and so on to a “tiny” contacts list. Easy to use, freash-looking, free, furnished with all basic options, this is the perfect service if you are new to email marketing and want to keep things simple focusing on your message and your readers.

Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 8 /10 Features: 6 /10 Support: 6 /10 Pricing: 9 /10

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  1. My first time trying Tinyletter has resulted in endless frustration and problems.

    It’s not possible to change the color of fonts or properly format the line spacing.

    Beyond that, I emailed 1800 past customers and voluntary newsletter recipients. I am not spamming anyone, but my first email was sent for review and 16 hours later it’s still pending.

    The email was time sensitive, so each hour wasted is costing me money. There is no way to cancel the email so I can send another way – I don’t want to send duplicates from two sources.

    I have emailed the support team 6 times with zero response. I will NEVER use Tinyletter or Mail Chimp (their owner) again for anything and discourage anyone from using them.

    I rate Tinyletter an F-

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