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If you need a straightforward, quick and feature-rich marketing solution, Vision6 may be the best email marketing service for your business. Vision6’s goal is to help you design captivating emails, arm in arm with customizable web forms, triggered messaged and autoresponders to automate the process of gaining more customers. Don’t worry if your contacts don’t often check their email: Vision6 will help you reach people through SMS and social networks.

The SMS and social network integrations are so deep Vision6 treat them like email messages campaigns. It’s indeed possible to schedule companion social network posts or SMS messages going along with your email newsletters. The Vision6 dashboard offers quick options: you can promptly send emails, SMS or add contacts. Then you have to choose from premade templates or templates you designed, customize it with a drag-and-drop editor, add images, text and any social network update you want to match and select a contact list. Done. If you need it, you can easily segment your lists to organize your contacts and send targeted campaigns thanks to a lovely spreadsheet-like view.

If you’re not sure about how will look your mail, Vision6 lets you test it: a free preview will show you how it looks on Outlook and Gmail, but you have to pay to check your message in other email apps, on a mobile device and to preview how color blind users will see it. The autoresponder feature will help you send automatic messages, both emails, and SMS when specified events occur. A polls tool is included.

Reporting and analytics tools are ready to use, but can be improved. Vision6 offers free online training, webinars, tutorials, FAQS a community and an exhaustive knowledge base. Support is available via live chat and tickets. Vision6 pricing plans covers every kind of sending need: $9/month for sending up to 5 times per month or $29/month for unlimited emails to up to 500 contacts, $29/month for sending up to 5 times per month or $59/month for unlimited emails to up to 2.5k contacts, $49/month for sending up to 5 times per month, $99/month for unlimited emails to up to 5k subscribers until reaching $649/month for unlimited emails up to 50,000 contacts. High volume and non-profit plans are available on request. You’ll pay SMS messages starting from $0.02 per message. A free trial is available.


Vision6 combines email, mobile, and social network marketing in a feature-rich, advanced and neat service.

Usability: 7.5 /10 Speed: 7.5 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 7 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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  1. Vision6 is NOT a straightforward, quick and feature-rich marketing solution. It is not user friendly and any feedback or requests are NOT taken seriously and the developers will keep telling you your a request is a priority but 2 years later no progress is made. If you accidentally delete a message and want it back – they want to charge you $30 EACH. An undo button would be easier. If you want to clean up your account and bulk delete messages – NO CAN DO. You have to select the message, click on the button, select delete, wait 3 seconds for the “GO” button to become available…. prepare for 2 days of lost time deleting 500 messages, one by one.

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