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by (Groupmail Ltd, Sligo, Ireland)

GroupMail is a reliable bulk email marketing software aims to manage and send out professional newsletters. Solid and very easy to use, this is a desktop program (running only on Windows operating system) so you can download on your computer at your convenience. GroupMail is quite popular as email marketing solution because is available in four editions – Free, Personal, Business and Marketing – tailored to fulfill the different needs of any business.

The Free version is designed for freelancers, community group or very small business, offers basic yet valuable features to send personalized mass email to groups, lets you import contacts from .csv and .txt files, and allows a maximum of 100 recipients at a time. The Personal edition suits better for small business, sends email campaigns at speeds much faster than the Free version with three delivery connections.

The Business Edition is the ideal choice for anyone with bigger email marketing campaigns, larger mailing lists, external databases, a need to schedule email campaigns or a desire to integrate with MS Outlook, and can send campaigns almost 100 times faster than the Personal edition with 256 simultaneous sending connections. The Marketing Pack bundles come with an annual subscription to GroupMetrics Marketing and GroupMail Priority Support and offers a lot of features, integrations, and add-ons. All the editions are downloadable to install in English, Spanish, French, German or Polish.

GroupMail’s dashboard is user-friendly – but not highly customizable – and makes very intuitive create and send HTML and plain text newsletters, export email lists on the computer in a TXT file, import contacts from a broad range of formats. Rich of features throughout their various editions, GroupMail also has a smart WYSIWYG email editor (but you can upload your email template, whether HTML or text). The software also supports a tracking plug-in, called Group Metrics, which gives your business access to a large number of campaign analysis tools, and a range of very interesting free plug-ins. Plus, unlike other services – which require a fee every month – GroupMail is a one-time investment, and that is for sure a long term deal!


With highly personalized messages, GroupMail makes easy to communicate with large lists of recipients. Offering four tailored plans (one of these is totally free), this desktop software is a great choice both for freelancers and business of any kind of size.

Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 8 /10 Features: 7.5 /10 Support: 7 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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  1. I recently found out that Groupmail can see ALL password of its users! They sent me an email to renew, and put my login AND password in an email (manually) which I find very bizar. And second, a password should not be send by email, and third I didn’t ask for my password!
    So this company is not respecting the privacy of its users which gives me great concerns, especially because the European privacylaws are getting more strict.
    So Groupmail, get your hands of my password and change your procedure!


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