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Verifalia is one of many trustworthy web-based email validation service that helps you clean up quickly your lists of email addresses. Being a cloud-based service, all you have to do is upload one or more addresses lists to validate and let Verifalia find invalid or not working ones. A detailed report will inform you about every bad email found.

The service performs a full email hygiene and cleansing procedure through the DNS validation and MX records lookup, SMTP and mailbox connection and availability checking, ISP-specific syntax and disposable email address (DEA) validation, advanced syntax verification according to IETF standards, role account and catch-all testing and international domain names (IDN)check.

Verifalia is able to validate even Yahoo! mailboxes, and it’s something big: competitors do not always offer Yahoo! validation due to the company’s strict security measures.

The service is moreover able to detect temporary mailbox unavailability, retrying addresses multiple times at specific intervals to avoid greylisting. HTTPS-based RESTful API help automates validations in a matter of minutes.

Verifalia pricing tiers provide a free 125 validations/day plan, a 250 validations/day for €7.90/month plan, a 1,250 validations/day for €43/month plan, a 6,250 validations/day for €176/month plan, a 25,000 validations/day for €439/month plan.


Verifalia is a robust email validation service for your email marketing developed by Cobisi, a leading software development tools provider.

Usability: 7 /10 Speed: 6.5 /10 Features: 7 /10 Support: 6.5 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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