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2022 Top Newsletter Templates Apps

Sending newsletter is the best way to pursue a relationship with your customers, but the email marketing landscape is full of pitfalls. If you want to prevent your email from being deleted before being read, you have to take care of all the details of your message.

  • Newsletter template

    The newsletter template is one of the most important parts to attend to achieve a great email marketing campaign. To be clear, an email template is a preformatted “container” where you’ll put your email content, creating a newsletter. It consist of a layout you can customize and reuse to quickly write and send graphic emails.

    Nowadays almost all email service providers offer an email editor for creating campaigns, but an email marketer needs more. If you’re one of these and your business needs an advanced newsletter template builder, you can pick one from software (like MailStyler or Foundation for Emails) and online services (like Email on Acid and Bee).

    Online services are versatile because they do not need installation but typically require a monthly subscription. Compared to them, email template builder software are more advanced, more feature rich and they require a single small payment.

    Whatever is the platform choice, your builder has to be responsive. You can find both drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG editors. What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) builders are often quite outdated, but you can find them on many email marketing platform. They assure you what are you editing will appear exactly the same as a finished product.

    Drag-and-drop email editors usually ensure high-quality, responsive email output and are easy to use for novice users. Both WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop editors can provide some peculiar functionalities:

    • a built-in simple image editor to resize and improve your pictures;
    • a quick preview option to check how your email looks like in many devices;
    • a template library you can use as a base to customize.

    Take a look at our newsletter template builder reviews: you’ll find what fits your needs.

    1 MailStyler 2

    MailStyler is one of the best newsletter templates builders in the industry. It comes with a clear and simple drag-and-drop editor, and it claims to be compatible with almost all email clients. We found that to be true.

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    2 Foundation for Emails

    Foundation for Emails is a framework designed to help you make responsive emails spending less time coding.

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    3 Email on Acid

    Email on Acid offers reliable email troubleshooting, testing, and tracking tools to help you enhance your email marketing campaigns.

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    4 Mail Designer Pro 2

    MailDesigner Pro 2 is a Mac-only newsletter template builder, much alike MailStyler for Windows. It allows you to design beautiful email template optimized for every device and screen dimensions.

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    5 Inkbrush

    Inkbrush is a Movable Ink web-based newsletter template builder with design and coding tools to build a good-looking email.

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    6 Bee Free

    Bee is MailUp's exciting project: it's a drag-&-drop editor for responsive design emails you can find in free and pro version.

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    7 AntWort

    Don’t expect to use Antwort like any other business software, because it’s not. It’s not an email marketing software as you could assume, nor a simple collection of templates for you to tweak until you’re satisfied.

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    8 LetterPress

    LetterPress is an online service that you can use to build your newsletters directly in your browser. It gives you 9 different modules to create your designs, with a dozen color variations to choose from.

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    9 99design's Newsletter Templates

    99design is an online service that connects customers and vendors, depending on the needs of the former: everything’s run online, and 99design is one of the best sites in the industry.

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    10 EDMdesigner

    EDMdesigner offers an advanced online template builder quite harder to use, but what it lacks in easy to use it makes up for flexibility and customization.

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