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R2 Docuo is a document management and sharing system that also provides agile cloud storage. It complies with the GDPR, therefore it is compliant with the newest privacy regulations. R2 Docuo simplifies collaboration with your team or external partners and makes your documents accessible on mobile devices. With this solution, you can  share files via links which can have an expiration time or a limited number of uses, so you can rest assured that sensitive information remains confidential. Creating documents with this software is quick and easy because you can automate the process. It also offers a metadata enrichment feature that can help you turn business data into a knowledge resource. In addition, the platform has a powerful search function that allows you to find files buried within folders. It also has integrated PDF conversion features and electronic signature support.


Here is a tutorial to learn how to generate PDF files and sign them electronically:




  • Data collection via web forms: create a custom web form with the data fields you choose so that users and customers create new offers, tickets, requests … or start any other workflow in your company
  • Automatic sending of emails: generate emails and notifications automatically using templates and allow the program to send them to the right people (users, customers or collaborators) when a workflow transition is performed or when a document remains in the same state for several days
  • Automatic document creation and sending: Generate documents automatically from Microsoft Office templates using workflow metadata and attach them in PDF format to your automatic emails
  • Tracking and tracing: when your team moves through the stages of a workflow, everything is recorded. You can know who and when changed the status of a workflow. When an offer was sent, track how long the customer spent making a purchase decision or what response time your team is providing
  • At a glance: the user interface is designed to provide visual control over business processes. Each workflow shows intuitively which documents are at which stage of the process using a color code
  • Rating: Archive documents in the conventional folder-based filing system. Then classify the documents and get more organizational capacity. View all documents in a category: it doesn’t matter where they are stored
  • Research: the powerful search functionality prevents information from being “lost” in the system and maximizes the value of business information by allowing you to locate it on demand. The metadata is superior, providing more precise results than full-text search. The query view allows you to find the information you need when you want it.


R2 Docuo is a document sharing system with an integrated workflow management solution. It allows you to design and organize your work so you can make the software work for you and improve your efficiency.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 9 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 8 /10

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