Best Backup Software: Our User Guide

2017 Top Backup Software User Guide

Did you make a backup, last night? Last week? Last month? How long since your last backup? If your computer crashes today, will your data be saved? If it crashes now, how would you react? Backups are usually the last thought of your day and the first problem of your despair.

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    Deploying a safe backup strategy it’s very, very simple: you just need an external disk to connect to your computer, and that’s it. You can manually transfer your files from your PC to the external storage unit, repeat this operation every day, or every week or once a month, and you can rest assured that your digital life will be safe.

    But perhaps you can transform this chore in an afterthought and use some backup software, which can automate your backups and operate independently from your presence. Every backup software in the industry let you set up once and never care any longer, except if your storage disk runs out of space.

    Depending then on your needs and wishes, you can choose your backup solution according to specific features, like encrypted backups (many software guarantee you that your data will be protected), versioning (which means keep different versions of your files, letting you recover that particular file you blindly deleted three days ago), differential or incremental (although some software actually do both, depending on the situation). You may also consider a cloning software, which can indeed let you restart your computer from another machine, in case your internal hard drive fails for good.

    Until some years ago, you’d better have a hard disk and a CD/DVD backup; but there are some real good online backup services that you can trust. We suggest you to implement a double strategy: a local backup, on an external disk on your desk (or office, or home), and a remote backup. So you can rest assured that you have multiple copies of your files, and although if you have to restore from an online backup you could very well be constrained by bandwidth, you have another copy if your home or office is damaged.

    And last, but not least: maybe you don’t have to buy some expensive software (given that maybe they’re worth their money), perhaps you can just enjoy your operating system default backup software: on Windows it’s Backup and Restore, on OS X it’s Time Machine. They both are included with your computer (depending on the platform), and they both can defend you against the most common data loss scenario.

    1 Sos Online Backup

    SOS Online Backup is one of the bigger worldwide providers of online backup service.

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    2 Genie Backup Manager Home

    Genie Backup Manager Home is an excellent consumer solution: it's easy to setup and rich in features. The software offers a redesigned sleeker interface with buttons related to the three essential functions: backup, restore, disaster recovery.

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    3 SuperDuper!

    If you are a Mac possessor, we recommend you an excellent tool to create a bootable backup: SuperDuper!. The software allows diversifying your backups beyond Time Machine, boasting some significant advantages and creating an exact clone of your internal disk. SuperDuper! tools make backups easy and straightforward.

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    4 Macrium Reflect

    Macrium Reflect is a disk imaging software that captures and loads disk images on your computer. Developed for advanced users, misses some key features for the general public but offers a wide selection of dependable features.

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    5 NovaBACKUP PC

    NovaBackup PC 17 is one of the best backup software you can find in the industry. It provides the user with a lot of useful features and adds in many interesting ones too.

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    6 Backup and Restore

    If you usually work and live on Windows computer, you’d better have a backup strategy in place. Fortunately, Microsoft facilitates your efforts to save your data with Backup and Restore, a feature of Windows operating systems since Vista in 2007.

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    7 CloudBerry Backup

    Their website point you in two different directions. There are in facts two main product family: backup solutions, as we said, and CloudBerry Explorer, which you can use to sort through the files you store in the cloud.

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    8 Time Machine

    Since 2007, every Mac comes with a backup software included with the operating system. It’s extremely simple to use, like almost everything with Apple: you plug in an external hard disk, set up Time Machine to use it as a backup disk, and that’s it.

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    9 Nero BackItUp

    Nero BackItUp is born to backup your files safely and reliably. Thanks to Nero Backitup tools you can backup files on your families PCs and laptops, USB disks, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, NAS and on the cloud.

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    10 Shadow Protect

    ShadowProtect, made by StorageCraft, is a powerful backup solution for your PC. It offers you the traditional data-saving features, such as full, differential or incremental backups...

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