Intervals Review

by Pelago Corp. (CA, USA)


Intervals is a project management software that aims to help you to run your projects, even the big ones, with simplicity and deploying a lot of useful features. Designed from a small web development agency in California to suit their own needs, Intervals has proven itself valid to a wide range of companies: Intervals’ developers claim to serve over 100 nations worldwide.


Intervals was developed in early 2000s, and has a retrò feeling in today’s web. Nevertheless, is extremely simple and easy to use: Pelago, Intervals’ parent company, went above and beyond their duty and released a product which is straightforward and yet chock-full of features. The interface is really fast, even if for someone could feel a little boring: maybe it’s only outdated, as we said.
Everything on the site is responsive, which is a given, considering that Intervals has no mobile apps whatsoever, so you have to use your mobile browser to update tasks, submit timesheets or invoice your client.
We don’t know if good copy is a usability characteristic or features one, but Intervals site is written with a well-defined tone and recognizable voice: we really appreciated that.


Coming from reviewing Basecamp or Asana, we were surprised to find that Intervals is a project management software with so many functions, compared to them; although lacking some tidbits like Gantts charts or resource management, it still has some impressive set of features that will please most users.
Time tracking is truly a cornerstone for Intervals, since you can add your times basically from everywhere and each time will be sum up in your timesheet. Once a week, you’ll be prompted to submit your timesheet to your project manager: with these timesheet, invoicing will be easy. (It’s also possible to invoice starting from a blank sheet.) Having an invoicing feature integrated in a project management system is a really neat solution, in our opinion. And with Intervals you can also track your expenses against your estimate and work on your budgeting.
Another great feature is unlimited users access, although you can set different access permissions to grant to each client or contractor the appropriate reach for everybody. Task management, also, is very functional and complete of versioning to follow a task history.


Intervals has the usual knowledge base page on their website, full of articles and video tutorial (we really appreciated that there’s no silly background music in those videos). If you still have some issue, you can also request support by phone, thou if Intervals’ people suggest that by email your problem will be better handled.


Even if Intervals has different price plans, they mostly offer the same things: they diverge on the number of project and storage space. Plans start giving you 15 active projects and 10GB of storage space for your documents, then add up to unlimited projects and storage. When you complete a project you can deactivate it, so it won’t count against your limits. Since every plan includes unlimited users, invoicing options and every other features, it really depends on how many active projects you have to work at the same time.


It may not have the same appeal or the strongest web presence, but Intervals as a project management software is a good competitor to more famous solutions. Particularly suited for companies and business that play in the same field as its parent company, such as developers or design firms.

Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 8 /10 Features: 8.5 /10 Support: 7 /10 Pricing: 8 /10

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