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2022 Top Online Project Management User Guide

Whether you lead a small development team or an enterprise-size business, a project management software of any kind will keep you in control of the jobs to be done. These days most project management software are online services, which you can use provided you pay a recurring monthly fee, but you can find plenty of apps that you can download and install on your computer. We researched and reviewed many project management solutions: take a look at the buyer’s guide, we illustrate what are the core features you’ll have to search for, depending on your necessity.

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    One of the most valuable outcome of finding the right project management tool for your company is the increasing efficiency since you’ll have the current status of all your projects at a glance. Most of the software we reviewed let you help your team to be on the same page with the project’s evolution, and add contributions from every member. If the tool is easy enough, every teammate can stay up-to-date and be productive. Of course, it depends all on your work and your needs: it could very well be that all you need is a better way to communicate, which is not a project manager tool per se, but can definitely improve the way you work. If that’s the case, maybe you can try the next-generation communication tools like Slack or HipChat, or rely on good-old Skype.

    If you have to take care of multiple projects, each one with deadlines, different tasks, and resources to allocate, then you’d better check some more structured organizing tools that consider professional features like resource management, budgeting and balancing options, reports, and charts (especially Gantt charts). Almost all the software we reviewed and that you can find include basic calendaring features, task management and even collaborative tools to create and edit documents. Most add to the features list some storage space, but you have to look for specialized software to get specialized tools like time management or financial features.

    Most of the cool apps are SaaS these days, meaning they fully work via your browser. Online, you need just a username and password, and you can then work from everywhere, knowing that your files are online and ready to be edited with no limitation due to your position, but everything being online, security is a serious theme, and it should be adequately addressed – not to mention that you have to be online to get some work done.

    You have plenty of services and software to choose from, depending on your needs: the industry ranges from new ways to communicate to elaborate suites that control every aspect of your company. The obvious job to be done of this kind of software is to help you, but sometimes the intricacy of such business tools becomes an obstacle, and you end up looking for simpler solutions. On the other hand, if you or somebody on your team is a tinkerer, some software allow for a much more deep customization.

    1 Celoxis

    Celoxis is a popular easy-to-use and affordable project management app. It is an integrated solution that you can use to manage, workflows, expenses, timesheets and resources, and improve customer and team collaboration. You can use your resources optimally and keep track of bugs, issues, approvals, change requests and more.

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    2 Hive

    The Hive cloud-based project management platform can cater to teams of any size by offering a multitude of features including file sharing, task management automation, and chat. The software essentially allows you to create, rank and assign tasks for any project team member, complete with due dates, tags and attached files.

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    3 Pipefy

    Pipefy is a process management tool that meets the needs of different industries and business sizes. Whether it's shared services, BPO, IT and service desk, software development, finance, customer support, this software is equipped to manage all kinds of operational processes. Considered as an intuitive and easy to use system, Pipefy allows users to improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability by helping them create, organize and manage their business processes and workflows in a single platform.

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    4 Flowlu

    Flowlu is a powerful cloud-based business management system that provides the tools you need to manage a business effectively, combining project management, sales, social collaboration and CRM tools for modern businesses. The program allows business managers to track employee activities and understand problems.

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    5 Scoro

    Cloud-based project management software, Scoro is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, especially those in advertising, consulting, IT and other sectors. The solution provides these companies with capabilities that include collaboration, job scheduling and tracking, project management, customer relationship management, quotation and billing, and advanced reporting and dashboards.

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    6 Agantty

    Agantty is a simple and free project management tool based mainly on Gantt charts. Using this, you can get a clear overview of every project, activity, group and team member. You can also check the to-do lists from the same dashboard. This helps you keep yourself organized so that you can track each task and complete projects in a short period of time.

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    7 ProProfs Project

    ProProfs Project is a simple and easy to use project management solution, created to help companies, organizations and institutions in different sectors. The software gives you total control over your projects, putting everything in a centralized location and providing you with all the details you need at a glance.

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    8 Podio

    Podio is collaboration software that helps teams communicate and organize things to facilitate the completion of tasks and projects. It does this through a system that places content, context and conversations in one place. So whether you're working on a project or following and closing a sales lead, you get everything working on one page.

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    9 Accelo

    Accelo is a cloud-based software that combines simple and powerful tools for professional services so that companies can continue to manage business, carry out projects and make the work of staff and the relationship with customers good and pleasant. Accelo was initially developed as an in-house system for a rapidly growing professional service to help manage sales, projects, service and billing.

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    10 ClickUp

    ClickUp is a simple and intuitive project management system created for all types of users. With a single solution, you have all the features that help you simplify your business processes, including sales, marketing, design and development. It is not necessary to switch from one software to another to perform all the necessary activities.

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