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2020 Top Online Project Management User Guide

Whether you lead a small development team or an enterprise-size business, a project management software of any kind will keep you in control of the jobs to be done. These days most project management software are online services, which you can use provided you pay a recurring monthly fee, but you can find plenty of apps that you can download and install on your computer. We researched and reviewed many project management solutions: take a look at the buyer’s guide, we illustrate what are the core features you’ll have to search for, depending on your necessity.

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    One of the most valuable outcome of finding the right project management tool for your company is the increasing efficiency since you’ll have the current status of all your projects at a glance. Most of the software we reviewed let you help your team to be on the same page with the project’s evolution, and add contributions from every member. If the tool is easy enough, every teammate can stay up-to-date and be productive. Of course, it depends all on your work and your needs: it could very well be that all you need is a better way to communicate, which is not a project manager tool per se, but can definitely improve the way you work. If that’s the case, maybe you can try the next-generation communication tools like Slack or HipChat, or rely on good-old Skype.

    If you have to take care of multiple projects, each one with deadlines, different tasks, and resources to allocate, then you’d better check some more structured organizing tools that consider professional features like resource management, budgeting and balancing options, reports, and charts (especially Gantt charts). Almost all the software we reviewed and that you can find include basic calendaring features, task management and even collaborative tools to create and edit documents. Most add to the features list some storage space, but you have to look for specialized software to get specialized tools like time management or financial features.

    Most of the cool apps are SaaS these days, meaning they fully work via your browser. Online, you need just a username and password, and you can then work from everywhere, knowing that your files are online and ready to be edited with no limitation due to your position, but everything being online, security is a serious theme, and it should be adequately addressed – not to mention that you have to be online to get some work done.

    You have plenty of services and software to choose from, depending on your needs: the industry ranges from new ways to communicate to elaborate suites that control every aspect of your company. The obvious job to be done of this kind of software is to help you, but sometimes the intricacy of such business tools becomes an obstacle, and you end up looking for simpler solutions. On the other hand, if you or somebody on your team is a tinkerer, some software allow for a much more deep customization.

    1 Basecamp 3

    Since 2004 Basecamp has been one of the most famous and most used online project management tools, made by one of the most opinionated software houses in the industry. In 2015 they released the third version of this professional project management tool...

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    2 OrangeScrum

    If you're searching for a modern and open source project management tool, OrangeScrum may be the best choice for you. Intended for small and mid-sized businesses, freelancers, agencies, IT companies, education and health services, construction and manufacturing and more

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    3 Igloo

    Businesses that want to build websites quickly and easily now have plenty of options, from WordPress to Wix. Managers who want to keep virtual staff informed and engaged can use Slack and a whole range of other tools to share tasks, post files and keep everyone informed of progress.

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    4 Asana

    If you have to set aside a couple of hours to learn how to create projects, list tasks and assign them to team members, you may as well just write an email. Asana largely manages to square that circle.

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    5 Teamwork Project

    Teamwork Projects is an online project management software that is best suited for small teams and agile departments. Developed to help you manage all the boring minutiae, Teamwork Projects is designed to be simple and – yes, fun to use, even if it lets you dominate your projects with professional features like timesheets and milestones and Gantt charts.

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    6 Podio

    Among all the project management softwares that we reviewed, Podio stands out for its attempt to convey fun using such a system, and tries in the meantime to give you the most personalized experience possible: we really appreciate it and we think Podio is an excellent project management service that you can certainly use.

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    7 Intervals

    Intervals is a project management software that aims to help you to run your projects, even the big ones, with simplicity and deploying a lot of useful features. Designed from a small web development agency in California to suit their own needs, Intervals has proven itself valid to a wide range of companies: Intervals’ developers claim to serve over 100 nations worldwide.

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    8 Clarizen

    Clarizen is truly one of the best project management software you can find in the market. It includes many features that really matter in managing your team, and you can rely pretty much only on Clarizen to get your job done, without the need to integrate it with external modules.

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    9 Trello

    Most project management software start with a dashboard where are placed several items: messages, documents, images.

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    10 Outplanr

    If you’re afraid you’d get lost using one of the many online project management systems out there, or if you’re still one that loves an old-school dotted list, you can try Outplanr. It is an online project management service that aims to help you organize and manage your work and your project via to-do lists.

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