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If you’re afraid you’d get lost using one of the many online project management systems out there, or if you’re still one that loves an old-school dotted list, you can try Outplanr. It is an online project management service that aims to help you organize and manage your work and your project via to-do lists.

The dashboard is very plain, fortunately. There are three main sections: Work, which refers to your tasks; Plan, with which you can check your company’s week and see how and when everybody’s busy; and Track, to see what people are doing right now. Adding tasks to your to-do is pretty simple; of course, you can add sub-tasks to a principal task and attach files or comments, set its priority, its iteration (it’s a daily task, or just once?) and its expected duration.

Outplanr encompasses various features, like a play/pause button for every task, and all ongoing activities will be shown in the “Track” panel of your dashboard: the idea being that everyone will know exactly what everybody else is doing, down to this very moment. Also, Outplanr tracks your activities so that you can generate a timesheet from your tasks, so that – for example – your company can invoice your client.

We liked very much its bird’s eye view of the company activities: it’s similar to a Gantt chart but very peculiar, and it truly helps you understand workflows and workloads.

Outplanr is currently in beta, and when it launches all beta tester will receive a discount on its monthly and yearly price. Its expected price tag is 5$ per month per user, but of course, this is just a tentative pricing. For now, the system integrates only with Slack and Asana.


We really liked Outplanr, its simplicity and its ability to empower its user through a stripped-down interface. We’re waiting for some more integrations.

Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 8 /10 Features: 7 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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