5 Content Writing Tools to Take You from Good to Great

There are two rules in life that everyone should remember;

  1. There’s always room for improvement
  2. Never settle for less

Content is just as important as the layout and design of a website is. Content writing, although, is a challenging task. You may write a variety of great content, but your aim should always be to write even better.

You must stay focused to create content that will attract readers, make the webpage rank higher in search engines, and provide all the information the readers want.

To make sure everything is falling in place, you need to have a tight grip on these tools. If you want a step up in your content writing project, write strategically by keeping the following parameters in mind.

1.   Research before you begin

Whether you want to write for a blog, an affiliate article, a product description, or content for a newly launched website, your journey begins with researching the topic thoroughly. If you miss significant information while you research, your article faces the consequences.

Always use multiple sources and read as much as you can about the topic. Half of the time you wish to spend on your article should be dedicated to researching about it. This will improve the quality of information that you add.

Sources of research include:

  • Books
  • Journal Articles
  • News and Magazine Articles
  • Publications from authority websites and blogs
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Case studies

2.   Brainstorming

Once you are done researching your topic, do not just start writing. Jot down whatever comes into your mind. It is a good strategy to preserve your ideas in place. Once you map what your article should include and create a layout, you will have a clearer idea of what to write, what to include, and what to exclude.

Your content will be focused on the topic, and all relevant information is likely to be present. Just like planning is essential before going on a trip, brainstorming is important before writing. It is the planning of your article and is significant before you start writing any piece of content.

3.   SEO content

Search Engine Optimization is used to make your webpage rank high when looked for a topic. When you incorporate the SEO techniques such as usage of keywords, using commonly searched nouns and phrases, and internal links, the value of your content increases automatically. Your content becomes more than just good. It becomes accessible as well.

4.   Readability

What’s the purpose of writing if people do not understand what you have written? Ease of reading is the most powerful aspect of your content. People should understand the information, and whatever query they have will be answered if the words and phrases selected by the writer are easy to understand.

Besides that, whatever you write should also be attention-grabbing. Not only that, it must hold the reader’s attention throughout the content.

A high readability score is not only important while writing informational blogs but for every piece of writing. A huge misconception is that the more difficult word you use, the better your writing looks.

However, the reality is the complete opposite. Don’t use hard-to-read words just for the sake of embellishing your writing. Use easy-to-understand words that the reader is able to understand without a problem.

5.   Proofreading and analysis

This is where rule number two comes into place. There is always room for improvement. After you finish writing the article and before you submit it to the client or post it. Take a break and get back to review and proofread it.

Analyze all aspects of your writing. From a reader’s perspective, check if it is easy to read, check if all statements are understandable and make sense. Look for grammatical errors. How engaging it is. Make changes where necessary so that it doesn’t seem like just an ordinary piece of writing. Your content should be something exceptional and pleasant to read.

Nothing is more off-putting than spelling mistakes. Imagine you open an article, and you find a spelling mistake. You are immediately going to question the validity of the entire content. Companies with online products such as Islamic Finder apps, e-commerce websites, social media pages, should be more careful since they produce a lot of content daily.

Top 3 writing platforms that take you from good to great

These content writing platforms are the top pick for A-grade bloggers and successful freelancers in the market. Using such applications and platforms will aid you in writing better content, checked and edited to make it the best version of your written ideas.

1.   Grammarly

Grammarly is a companion that everyone needs. Probably the most famous content writing platform, it has made its place with its uniqueness and utmost efficiency.

Grammarly recognizes about 275 types of major and minor grammatical errors, vocabulary errors, syntax errors, and typographic mistakes. It also explains the logic behind the mistakes. Hence, it is a learning platform as well.

2.   Hemingway

Content writers all across the world love this tool. And who wouldn’t? The features that the Hemingway app brings for the content writers are just unmatchable.

Hemingway focuses on reader-friendly words and phrases. It will highlight the complexity present in your content and provide you with alternate expressions. It also lets you publish your content on WordPress or Medium directly.

3.   Evernote

Whether you are writing content for your assignments, for your blog, or working for a corporate, Evernote fits every requirement.

Putting an end to the old-fashioned era of content writing, Evernote comes with all the advanced and up-to-date tools that fit daily requirements in today’s time. Evernote is a cloud-based platform. It allows you to save your progress and access it anytime from anywhere with its cross-device synchronization.

Evernote will also help you in organizing, scheduling, and optimizing your work with its exquisite features. It will fix your grammatical and contextual mistakes, as well as proofread and format them for you. A trusted platform you shouldn’t say no to.

Final word

Content writing is an art, and you are the artist. An artist’s spirit of growing, evolving, and producing better content than ever before, never dies. This article contains the secrets to improving your content writing game to step up to the position of a great writer. Remember these key points:

  1. Research
  2. Brainstorm
  3. SEO
  4. Readability
  5. Proofreading and analysis.

There are various online platforms to help you in the process of passing from good to better. Grammarly, Hemingway, and Evernote are some great options. Choose the platform which suits your working methodologies.

Good luck and Happy Writing!

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