Five Reasons to Get a Full-Fledged PDF Solution for Your Office

PDF is one of the most commonly used formats for handling documents. It’s particularly popular among all professionals, and they have to use them almost regularly. However, most PDFs lack some features, and you don’t get them free unless you only need to read them.

As technology has advanced, there are new and better things that you can get at cheaper rates. For example, SodaPDF is one of the complete PDF Suites that offers all features one can need with a PDF program. This article is about highlighting the value of such tools.

Whether you are a freelancer, doing a job, or running a business, here is why you should get a full-fledged PDF solution for your work.


Edit Documents Online

There are many tools like Adobe that allow you to edit PDF documents that is usually their limit. On top of that, you first have to pay for their premium; otherwise, you just have to make do with viewing them. Now that there are more and better options, you can edit PDFs offline on your desktop or online at ease. This means you can share files and have multiple people work on simultaneously. Getting such a program for your office will improve teamwork and save time.


Merge & Split Pages

We don’t always get documents exactly as we want them. This is why we have to add or remove some pages. This becomes very difficult for professionals who have many other things to do. Usually, you will have to search the internet and look for tools that will ask you to upload the files and then take your email where they will send it. You also have to tolerate their promotional emails later. But that would not be a problem when you will have a complete PDF solution at your convenience.


Convert Any Format

There are too many formats for documents. For example, most people create documents in MS Word or Google Doc format. Other than that, there are sheets, slides, and even images. You want all these in order and a specified professional format, which is PDF. A complete PDF solution would allow you to convert any file to PDF or from PDF to any other format.


Sign Online Contract

Most people don’t print out their contract and other documents to sign because they will have to send them to the other party physically and then also store those pages somewhere safe. It’s just too much hustle and a waste of time and energy. Signing contacts online saves you all that trouble. You simply upload the document, share it with relevant parties through emails, and get them signed.


Resize and Compress

Most companies have styling guidelines of their own. That’s why you might have to set the margins and spaces before you finalize an important document and send it to your boss or client. Likewise, you also have to decrease the size of the documents, so they don’t take up to much of your hard drive storage. You can do both with a complete PDF solution.

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