How to decode the Green Pass QR code

In recent times, living a totally unexpected pandemic situation and also conditioned by the fake news spread, we have perhaps rediscovered ourselves much more fearful and skeptical than we thought. The doubts do not only concern the vaccination issue, but also the protection and privacy of our data, first born with the Immuni app launch and subsequently powered by the Green Pass.
The alert was disclosed by the privacy guarantor who advised against the publication of the QR code of our vaccination certificate on social media, as it contains sensitive data.
In this article, Accurate Reviews experts will show you how to decode the QR code of your Green Pass to discover its content.


The first premise is that this project, which includes both the Green Pass and the VerificationC19 application that allows you to verify the validity of the certificate, has been designed at a European level to develop a backend to be applied to all states. Italy, for example, has therefore only readapted it and the Ministry of Health has made public the source code, strictly open source, to show how the data is read.
Inside the QR code we’ll find only the values ​​chosen by the European Union for the certificates: no hidden data.
Do you still want to try to personally read the data of your Green Pass and find out what the QR code contains? Then you should definitely try the Green Pass COVID-19 QRCode Decoder.


This tool shows up as a free, simple and intuitive web app since it was created with the aim of letting you read the data contained in your Green Pass. In fact, you just need to attach your certificate to immediately get a complete reading of the QR code.
Also in this case, as you can see in the photo above, it is ensured that no data will be stored and that if you want, since the code is open source, you can create your instance without any worries.

Here is all the information collected in the Green Pass: doses number (2 required), the day the first and second were administered, our name with the date of birth and the institution that issued the certificate (Ministry of Health). The only uncommon data are: Marketing Authorization Holder which corresponds to a code that indicates the authority that issued the vaccine on the market; the type of vaccine that was administered readable through another code; the disease we are trying to fight (in this case the code will be the same for everyone since it is Covid-19) and the unique identifier of the certificate (UVCI ), useful for verifying the certificate also at later times.

We therefore ascertained that the Green Pass does not contain anything other than personal information already present in all our documents, to which information data concerning the vaccine are added.

In any case, we invite you to get to know them personally through the Green Pass COVID-19 QRCode Decoder.

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