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iTrade is a cloud-based field service solution that offers a native mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Key features allow users to schedule jobs, automate timesheets, collect digital signatures, manage staff and print job sheets. The program allows users to customize quotes with company logos, colors and images.
The solution allows operators to access GPS-stamped work reports and monitor the work completion status of field workers. Companies can create different sales price categories, edit descriptions and restore inventory backups. Electricians can automate booking confirmations to be sent to customers or staff via email or text message.



  • Schedule work: easily and quickly set appointments with this program.
  • Job Costing/Quotes: the software can simplify the quoting process and produce professional & beautiful looking quotes.
  • Booking Confirmation: send Text or Email job booking confirmations to your customers or staff. Texts can be sent automatically one, two or three days in advance and your customers replies are imbedded directly into the job notes section along with popup notifications and optional emails.
  • Van Restocking Printouts: the Van Restocking report allows you to print or email a list of materials used for each of your guys. Fax or email it as an order to your vendor for delivery.
  • Shipping options: you choose how many jobs your guys will see on their mobile devices. You can select one at a time, two, three, full day or every job in the system booked for them.
  • Signature capture: need to capture client signatures on completed jobs? No problem, allow your clients to sign “on screen” and save the signature within the job for seven years.
  • Interactive maps: every job sent to your field workers includes an interactive map automatically zoomed in to show their current location and destination.
  • Worker analysis reports: see the turnover and profit for each individual within your business.
  • Automated Timesheets: you won’t need a timesheet or diary notes to remind you who to bill anymore, or spend hours checking their timesheets.
  • GPS work reports: you will have access to GPS stamped job reports for every job completed by your guys ­ and it shows maps of where you were when you ‘Started’, arrived ‘Onsite’ and ‘Completed’ each job. iTrade automatically changes the job from ‘Started’ to ‘Onsite’ when you are within 50 metres of the destination.
  • Certificates: electricians and Gas Fitters can easily and quickly produce Certificates of Compliance from within a job and most of the fields will be pre-%C2%ADpopulated saving time. Certificates can be emailed from the workers mobile device or at any time from the server and they will be saved in the customers main account for seven years.
  • Custom Fields: create unlimited Custom Fields to suit your business for tracking installations, site info, or what have you. These can be made compulsory on jobs so that vital data is not forgotten and this information is gathered in each customers account.


iTrade is a construction management software that provides integrations with Xero, allowing builders to create and track invoices. The solution allows companies to track the location of workers in the field in real time.

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