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Inspectorio is a cloud-based SaaS solution focused on creating dynamic, risk-based quality and compliance programs with the goal of building an interconnected, sustainable and transparent supply chain. Today it is used by over 15,000 customers from around the world, including some of the world’s largest brands and retailers such as Target, Crocs and Carter’sper digitize, automate and optimize their quality assurance operations. Inspectorio‘s artificial intelligence capabilities give brands, retailers and suppliers the tools to predict high-risk areas and automate risk-based interventions throughout the supply chain.


Let’s look at how to leverage the features of this data quality software:


  • Centralized communication: eliminate complexity and inefficiency across your global production network by ensuring all parties are on the same page
  • Actionable Performance Analytics: reliable reporting and analytics help find the root cause of quality issues and immediately enable a strategic action plan
  • Operational Cost Reduction: cut operational and overhead costs through the removal of manual tasks, automation, and optimization of decision-making
  • Full Visibility and Control: have access to accurate and centralized performance data to understand and compare performance, KPIs, and benchmarking
  • Activate Self-Inspections: create a culture of accountability by empowering your partners to execute self-inspections while guaranteeing the integrity of your quality processes and standards. Real-time data helps improve communication with stakeholders and gives the ability to be preemptive instead of reactive
  • Automate Quality Operations: leverage powerful automation rules to eliminate low-value, manual interventions, and free up resources to invest in activities that provide a greater return on effort and investment
  • Predict and Mitigate Risks: leverage Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to analyze large datasets and understand risk. Make proactive, risk-based interventions to ensure your limited resources are being directed toward mitigating high risk areas across your factory partners.
  • Digitize Data Collection and Reporting: asingle source of truth enables data integrity and improved collaboration. Getting full visibility of the overall performance of your production network allows you to develop an improvement plan based on objective data.


With Inspectorio, a data management solution, you can centralize your quality activities to stop problems before they occur, access actionable performance analytics, gain complete visibility and control over your production line, and optimize resources and operational costs.

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