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Matchit is a data management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage, duplicate, match, delete and enrich information using an online portal. It comes with a matching engine, which allows users to find and merge duplicate data such as person or company names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, account numbers and more. Key features of the solution include master data management, matching and merging, address validation, duplication and data discovery. Users can consolidate details of prospects or existing customers with new information and obtain detailed information to establish behavior patterns. Users can also select at which level records should be matched, such as company, address, household or individual to control tolerance levels.


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  • Access a common view of customers with accurately-consolidated customer profiles from nearly any data source, dramatically improving customer experience, retention rates, and brand loyalty
  • Retarget your best customers or win back latent ones with unified customer profiles that highlight cross-sell opportunities and buying behavior
  • Reduce spend on excess marketing materials and campaigns that don’t target the right audience as a result of duplicate, inaccurate, or outdated contact information
  • Ensure projects are delivered on-time, on-budget, and without excess rework with clean, accurate data employees can confidently depend on
  • Mitigate the constant stream of data through standardisation and normalisation processes built right into the data quality tasks your team already performs
  • Uncover previously undiscovered commonalities between accounts and contact records, so products and internal materials are delivered with greater efficiency
  • Minimise downstream quality issues by validating address data and correcting errors before they enter your system
  • Align communications to a single source of truth by easily joining data into a single, consolidated view of an individual
  • Simplify compliance to data protection regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, NLA, and more with consolidated business and consumer records free from errors.


Matchit is a data management software that enables businesses to maintain the accuracy of customer data while ensuring GDPR compliance.

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