Defend your privacy: extensions for Chrome and Firefox that protect your data

It is important to remember the Internet is as beautiful as it is dangerous. The best way to protect yourself against all web threats such as viruses, identity theft, virtual blackmail, account theft, scams and so on is to take these necessary precautions: install a good antivirus and antimalware, always keep them updated. Do not give out too much personal data. Avoid sites that seem untrustworthy and install browser extensions that constantly protect you.

We have already listed some excellent extensions for safe web browsing on Firefox and Chrome: some block all trackers that “feed” on personal data. Others indicate if a site is dangerous or set a password on the browser. Today we continue with more extensions for Chrome and Firefox that are essential to protecting your privacy.

Privacy Badger: privacy protection for Firefox and Chrome

Like the previously recommended uBlock. Privacy Badger – here for Chrome and here for Firefox – is another extension that protects privacy: it blocks all marketing trackers that collect personal data while you’re browsing (like showing advertising related to your interests). Thanks to the very simple interface you can control which trackers are blocked and which are not.

Disconnect: an extension that blocks trackers on Chrome and Firefox

In much the same way as Privacy Badger and uBlocker, Disconnecthere for Chrome and here for Firefox – blocks the trackers that invade your privacy and pieces of malicious code from sites you visit that may damage your PC. You can customize the block level. Disconnect protects your PC while making browsing faster and lighter.

uMatrix: a firewall for Chrome and Firefox

uMatrix is an excellent firewall for your browser – here for Chrome and here for Firefox – full of options to protect your browsing and personal data. It can block unwanted scripts, iframes and advertisements. Also, it shows details on web pages so you can see if they can be trusted or not.

TunnelBear: a VPN for Chrome

As we have explained in the past, the free VPN services available carry 90% of malware and malicious code. However, a VPN is essential for safe browsing when using public WIFI, so what to do? Try the Chrome extension called TunnelBear. It is a free, secure and easy to use VPN with only a few settings to watch.

HTTPS Everywhere: use the HTTPS connection on Chrome and Firefox

HTTPS is the most secure connection protocol that is gradually being utilised by more and more sites. Thanks to the extension for Chrome and Firefox HTTPS Everywhere you can choose to use it when browsing, and it even works on sites where the protocol is not yet fully adapted.

LastPass: the secure password manager for Chrome and Firefox

LastPass is one of the best password managers extensions for Chrome and Firefox: it not only manages your passwords securely but also other sensitive data such as credit card details.


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