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GoPad for Schools is an attendance solution for schools, camps and other educational institutions, with features for security, communication and data storage. With the aim of keeping administrators, teachers and students’ families connected, GoPad provides the tools to control attendance, manage compliance, archive medical data and monitor staff and visitors. The solution allows staff members to monitor incoming and outgoing students and displays the presence of each class. Cloud-based backup provides real-time information, both on campus and in other locations. Medical and nutritional data can be stored within the software so that all staff have access to critical information and have the power to make the right decisions when it comes to medical emergencies or simple daily choices.


Let’s look at the tutorial to evaluate the tools of this attendance management system:


  • Portable security: the solution takes into account every aspect of campus security by managing the attendance of children, teachers, staff and visitors. Information is synchronized across the classroom, reception and administration and backed up locally and to the cloud
  • Attendance verified and licensed: the check-in and check-out feature tracks approved healthcare providers and records when children arrive at school and when they leave the facility. Parents and guardians can choose to receive emails or text alerts when their children leave school
  • Instant communication: is designed for all aspects of student safety, from safe daily presence to family reunification in a crisis situation
  • Daily report: as required by many state and local laws (2016), the software tracks the daily attendance of students checking in and out. Generates reports for school administration or external audits, simplifying the creation of daily reports and the compilation of historical data
  • Students ‘medical and nutritional needs: teachers have access to all critical information about their students’ dietary restrictions, medical needs and pediatrician’s contact details.


Access to attendance information is essential in the event of emergencies such as evacuations and, in the event of a crisis, GoPad, an attendance management system, provides users with emergency protocols that staff must follow and contact information for each student. Leave a review on this program too.

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